Welcome To Eden – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


The Trip Back

Episode 8 of Welcome to Eden starts with Gabi trying to get herself recruited onto the island. She sets up a fake persona under the name of Molly, and begins cycling through those different pictures she’s taken over the course of the season. She sets up a social media profile and looks set.

Who attacked Erick?

Back on the island, Mayka shows up at Astrid’s place but notices the blood spatter on the floor outside. With the council joined once more, Eva and Alma are introduced among the ranks as new members. Their real task though is meeting the 100 “new birds” about to flock on the island for the new festival.

Ulises is challenged over security, although he’s suspiciously jittery this morning. After the attack on Erick, his card was the one used and as such, he could be guilty. Then again, don’t expect any answers because we’re not actually told who the attacker is. We’re left with several different culprits but no real answers over who it is.

Does Erick survive the attack? 

Astrid also encourages Alma to shed her “extra burdens” (Ibon) and grow on her own. She’s not sure, but does eventually dismiss Ibon, encouraging him to branch out at the party,

Speaking of burdens, Isaac tends to Erick’s stab wound, patching him up. The knife is kept as a momentum on the bedside table while he’s clearly starting to heal now. Isaac asks when he can leave, “Soon,” is the reply.

Charly approaches Mayka after a few days aside and admits that he likes her a lot. He wans to leave and encourages her to come with him. Mayka refuses, claiming this is suicide. As they kiss, Ulises shows up and brings her back to camp. Ulises has plans for them all though, putting them to work in time for the festival. Unfortunately, this also makes their plans of escape that much more complicated.

Where does Zoa go? Is she caught by the cultists?

Zoa steals a buggy and takes off. She believes the whole plan is pointless, although Bel follows and convinces her to leave with Charly later on. Despite the beach being crowded, Bel promises to help her plan no matter what. So the pair start kissing down on the beach, rolling around. Nico shows up and sees them together, seething with anger. However, this also has the unexpected adverse effect of avoiding suspicion over Zoa’s plan.

Back in San Sebastian, David is interrogated by his captors. With his mother’s life hanging in the balance, he’s forced to give up Gabi’s name and her location in Barcelona. Unfortunately, he’s shot in the head after giving up this information.

Over in Barcelona, the private investigator works to reroute the wristband tracker and find the location for the island. As it pings up on her computer, she’s delighted. In fact, she collects up her gear, including her handgun, and heads out. She follows the tracker and eventually makes it down by the shore, looking out at the horizon.

What happens with Nico?

Meanwhile, a jealous Nico tries to fight Bel but she’s too strong for him and knocks him down. “Don’t come near us,” Bel eventually warns him, as she heads back to see Zoa and get patched up.

Whilst alone, Bel gives Zoa instructions for leaving and enacting their escape plan. She’s going to leave two oxygen tanks in the cove ready for them to get out to the boat. The only way to avoid detection is going to be heading underwater, hence the tanks. Charly is resting up but he asks if they can hang out when they get back – which Zoa happily agrees to.

The big festival begins and all the kids make it onto the island. As they’re helped out, one after another, the beach party begins, complete with everyone raving it up. Bel slips away and gets things started, frying the electrics and sending all the festival goers into a frenzied panic. Charly seizes his opportunity to leave, grabbing his gear which is tucked away by the side.

Do Zoa and Charly make it off the island?

Zoa follows soon after but she’s caught getting her tank. Ulises shows and demands answers. With hope seemingly lost, Ibon jumps in and drowns the security guard.

In the distance, Charly makes it on the boat but Mayka hovers her drone nearby. Pressing his finger to his lip, she silently agrees to keep quiet and moves the drone away.

Africa sneaks into Erick’s compound and uses that familiar star trinket on the massive painting up on the wall. It’s magnetized, and it opens up a hidden door. Inside, she finds a strange computer followed by a massive mainframe with plenty of power. Approaching a console, she sends a signal into outer space. The antenna has been activated and as a result, the door Africa is in is locked, trapping her inside.

How does Welcome to Eden Season 1 end?

Ibon is shocked after killing Ulises while Zoa’s whole plan of escape hits a massive snag when Gabi shows up on the island. Zoa is stuck floating in the middle of the water, as the camera pans up and shows Gabi arriving.

The Episode Review

Uh oh! Trouble is abound here as disaster strikes Zoa. Gabi manages to make it onto the island after all and as a result, Zoa is now going to be torn between staying or leaving the island.

The thing is, the show baits this second season but doesn’t do anywhere near enough to actually warrant that. As mentioned before, Ibon and Charly have had very little characterization and to add salt to the wound, both characters play a pretty integral role in this final chapter. It’s quite disappointing to be honest, as the show had a lot of potential early on.

Some potential answers

We’ve got a lot unaccounted for here, with more questions than I could dare write out in this article. I know it’s called an “ending explained” but Eden does a pretty poor job explaining anything so I’ll throw out some theories for you guys. Feel free to join in the discussion with your own in the comments below!

Astrid mentioned midway through this series that they’d be leaving and encouraged Isaac earlier on this episode that they’d be “leaving soon.” Could this be a subtle hint that they’re leaving Earth? This would explain the huge antenna we saw on the island (and somehow missed the whole season?) It could well be that Astrid and Erick have found some sort of idyllic paradise.

This could also explain Isaac asking about leaving and his drawing with the star. He could, somehow, be aware of this. And it also explains the telescope in the room too.

Less clear though is who attacked Erick. The most likely culprit is going to be Africa, given we saw her angry the night before. We’ll go with that for now but it’s not 100% confirmed. Beyond that, the PI’s role in this, Astrid and Erick’s end-game, what this antenna is, what the cult are trying to achieve and how that ties into climate change is all completely unknown.

Final Thoughts

The ensuing result by the end is a frustratingly light series that leaves all of its answers for a second season that may or may not come.

Has Welcome to Eden done enough to warrant that? Well, the final chapter doesn’t really do enough to make us care about these characters and aside from Zoa and Gabi, there’s very little reason to become emotionally invested in everyone else. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! In the meantime, Welcome to Eden bows out with a disappointing final episode.

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  1. The ending was very disappointing as there was no decision made by Zoa to stay on the island now that Gabs arrived. The entire ending was up in the air and the space signal thingy was not explained at all. It ended as though there will have to be a second season to explain all the issues going on and how they will be solved. If there is not second season, I will be pretty mad.

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