Welcome To Eden – Season 1 Episode 3 “Farewell Party” Recap & Review

Farewell Party

Episode 3 of Welcome to Eden starts with music playing on the loudspeakers around Eden. All our characters awaken as blue-haired operator Mayka uses the drone to watch everyone. It’s good news all round though, as Ulises confirms that the boat is coming back and it’ll be here in the next day or so.

Aldo remains suspicious though, and tries to convince Ibon to turn to his way of thinking. It doesn’t work though. At the same time, Zoa grows closer to Nico, as they head out into the water to do some diving.

After a big morning, the kids all join together in the main courtyard. This time it’s Bel’s turn to talk, where she mentions how she was fired from her last job courtesy of several texts about climate change. Anyway, this soon paves way for Eden joining together to bid the new arrivals goodbye. With their boat upcoming, they decide to throw a goodbye party that night to see them off.

As darkness blankets the sky, Ibon is encouraged to play the piano. Aldo walks away from the group, getting rid of his blue wristband and heading off afar. There, he notices a boat and several cultists moving boxes around.

Ibon finishes his song as Alma kisses him. The Dj takes over, which happens to be Mayka, and she gets talking to Charly when he requests a song. He also learns that she’s the drone operator too. She plays him the song, and ushers him away.

While Astrid speaks to Africa, leading her away from the party (which Aldo watches transpire), Bel gets talking to Zoa. When Nico shows up with a bottle of Blue Eden she tells Zoa she doesn’t have to drink it… but she does anyway.

Aldo tries to convince Charly to leave with him but he refuses. That’s pretty surprising to be honest, given he learns from Claudia (another Cultist) just prior to this that they’re not going to leave the island and all of this is a big ruse.

Aldo appears to be the only one who realizes something strange is going on. He’s seen enough of this crazy show and sneaks down the rocks to slip on the boat and get off the island. On the way, he hears several workers discussing how they’re not actually bothered by climate change and claim that the Eden Foundation pay well.

Off the island, Gabi remains worried about her sister. She speaks to her mother about this, who shrugs it off, believing she’ll pop up soon. Unfortunately that does nothing to help Gabi’s mood, who remains worried.

Africa is led up to Astrid’s place where she meets Erick, her partner. He talks about family and, more specifically, how he was raised by his chauffeur Pedro given his folks weren’t actually around. All of this works wonders to turn Africa across to their cause.

While Nico and Zoa hook up on the beach, we cut back to Aldo who manages to make it aboard the boat. When he awakens in the hold, he makes it up onto deck where he finds himself at the mercy of Eden. More specifically, Brenda, who happens to hold a strange gun which looks like a telescope. Anyway, she places it om his forehead, pulls the trigger, and kills him in cold blood.

The Episode Review

Shows with stupid people are infuriating to watch at times. The main premise of Welcome to Eden actually isn’t bad but the execution is really poor because of this. Aside from Zoa, we know absolutely nothing about these characters; everyone has flatlined into becoming incredibly one-dimensional.

Not only that, but the show manufactures romance with these different men and women, indulging in sex and drinking without a thought for what some of these people are actually saying. The fact that Aldo is the only one of these newbies who’s remotely concerned about where they are and what’s happening is particularly annoying to watch. That much is especially true when you consider Charley was outright warned that they’re not going to be allowed to leave jus prior to Aldo’s interjection.

The ending is certainly shocking though, and with Aldo now dead that leaves four of the group left to fend for themselves. Will they survive?

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