Welcome to Chippendales – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Why does Steve meet Ray in Switzerland?

In Welcome to Chippendales Episode 8, Steve meets Ray in Switzerland five years after Nick’s murder. He asked him to come all this way so they could talk about Ray’s failed hit in London.

Steve hired him to take out three ex-Chippendales dancers at the Adonis stripping club. Ray says he went to the theater and waited outside, but a parade swept him up and made him lose his gun.

Does the FBI arrest Steve Banerjee?

Ray insists he will finish the job, but for now, he just wants to reminisce about the good old days. He gives Steve a drink to try to loosen him up, because the FBI are waiting in the next room over, listening for a confession from Steve.

Two months earlier, the man who shot Nick was arrested and ratted out Ray. Ray then implicated Steve. However, the FBI still doesn’t have hard evidence to convict Steve in Nick’s murder. Thus the plan to use Ray to get Steve to fess up.

Ray tries to convince Steve to confide in him. Steve refuses, so Ray decides to get some things off his own chest. He says his parade story was a lie. He never even left his hotel; he couldn’t do the job. Steve then demands he give back the money he was paid for the hit on the three Adonis dancers. When Ray eggs him on further, Steve affirms that he ordered the hit on Nick de Noia.

Steve suddenly realizes what’s happened and starts looking for a bug in the room. As soon as he finds it, the FBI charges in and places him under arrest.

Can Steve leave Chippendales to Irene?

In prison, Steve tells his lawyer he wants to leave Chippendales to Irene, but Cheryl informs him the Chippendales will be classified as a criminal organization. The government will seize the company, leaving Irene with nothing.

The ghost of Nick de Noia haunts Steve about his selfish decisions. Nick tells Steve that, in making all these decisions, he never got the memo that he’d already won. Steve tries to defend himself. “When you’re someone like me, you can’t stop fighting.”

Still, Nick taunts him that Irene will be left with nothing because Steve wanted everything.

How does “Welcome to Chippendales” end? Does Steve Banerjee die?

Overwhelmed with what he’s done to Irene, Steve decides he can’t let himself be sentenced. He hangs himself in his cell hours before his sentencing. Irene is then able to inherit everything. Today, as the end credits explain, Chippendales is bigger than ever.

The episode ends with a scene of Chippendales as it should have been: with Steve, Nick, and Irene all working happily together for a thriving enterprise.

The Episode Review

For all Steve’s insults against his handyman’s intelligence, it’s Ray Colon who outsmarts him in the end–in a compelling performance from Robin de Jesús, who finally gets to show his acting chops in this episode. (Seriously, why has the show given him such little significance until now?)

After eight drawn out episodes of weak drama, the finale does little to redeem the limited series. For one, it does little to explain the logistics of Steve’s murder plot against the Adonis dancers and that plot’s significance to his ultimate arrest.

But, somehow, we arrive there–to Steve’s cell. All his frustrations come to a head: that he plays by the rules and ticks all the boxes and still could never get ahead. And so he felt he had to go further: to break the rules and hurt people. In both cases, not only did the world work against him; he worked against himself. His end would have been a poignant one– if these themes hadn’t already been beaten to death.

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