Welcome to Chippendales – Episode 3 “Velveeta” Recap & Review


In Welcome to the Chippendales Episode 3, Steve returns home for the first time in six years for his father’s funeral. He and Irene are now married, but this separation will put a strain on their relationship–all of Steve’s relationships, in fact.

Steve brings gifts from America to his mother (including Velveeta, her favorite). But his mother doesn’t care about any of it. She thinks his business is disreputable and wants him to take over the family printing business now that his father is gone. She also worries for him and how wealthy he has become. “Some people are not meant to be rich.”

Back in California, Nick worries he won’t be able to top his latest routine. Irene encourages him, and they go out with Denise later to celebrate what he’s accomplished.

After her night out, Denise is inspired with an idea for a show. She and Nick spend a day brainstorming together. At the end of it, they agree: the idea is incredible.

On the phone, Irene tells Steve about her night out (including the part where they all snorted cocaine). And when Steve returns, he meets handyman Ray Colon, whom Irene hired without consulting him. Steve doesn’t like how everyone has done so much without him.

When he finds everyone rehearsing “Hunkenstein,” Nick and Denise’s three-part rock opera (with a new dancer, no less), he puts a halt to it. When Nick refuses, Steve yells at him and everyone that they should remember they are his employees.

Nick thinks he and Denise should quit and start their own place. It’s not just about “Hunkenstein.” Steve is constantly undermining them and setting spending caps. He doesn’t care about the show like they do. Still, Denise doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Steve thinks Irene is against him because she’s been partying with the others and liking their ideas. He yells at her too, and won’t tell her what happened in Bombay.

Ray is on Steve’s side, believing he has to keep his employees in line as the boss. Steve enlists him to photograph the dancers at his house. But he doesn’t inform Nick or Denise of what he’s doing.

When they find out, they show up at his house. He tells them he’s making a calendar, but Nick doesn’t care. Steve pulled his dancers from rehearsal, and didn’t realize that a calendar involves artistic choices he should have been in charge of.

Steve tells Nick to step aside, which makes Nick so angry that he leaves for the airport to purchase a ticket for New York.

The Episode Review

It seems we’ve skipped quite an amount of time to get here, with Steve and Irene married and Denise and Nick friendlier than ever. I can’t really see how writers justified the decision. There’s been no relational developments, and yet we’re expected to care suddenly about Steve and Irene as a married couple struggling to relate to one another.

The same goes for Steve and Nick. The tension between the men is at an all-time high, but the heart of their conflict has been passed over; we simply have to accept that they don’t like each other (which is not exactly a strong foundation for the show’s conflict).

If this episode does one thing marginally well, it’s wrestle with Steve’s background. If better dialogue can be written to address his struggles with identity and family responsibility, it will be interesting to see how Steve carries that with him into his work in LA.

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