Wedding Plan (Thai BL) – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Another Attempt of Love

Wedding Plan episode 5 starts with Nuea waking up in Lom’s bed. Regret hits him hard and he recalls the steamy night he had with Lom. He is wracked with guilt for giving in to his feelings. He slowly kisses Lom goodbye, promising never to slip again and leaves.

He calls Imm and asks for indefinite leave. Imm is quick to agree, no questions asked. Nuea finds this odd and asks why she is being so understanding. This prompts Imm to ask if he is ready to talk about it. Nuea tells her about his feeling for Lom, the guilt and everything in between. 

With that settled, Nuea heads to his hometown and is warmly welcomed by his mom. He tells his mom everything and she consoles him. She feels for him and tries to help him deal with the guilt weighing him down. She recruits his cousin to cheer him up by bringing him to the family orchard. However, even though the mood lightens up, Nuea still can’t stop thinking about Lom. Part of him wishes Lom would chase after him but then remembers he is engaged to marry Yiwa.

On the other hand, a satiated Lom wakes up to find Nuea long gone. He goes over to Nuea’s office and asks to see him. Imm explains that Nuea is on indefinite leave but she will take over Lom’s wedding preparation. She points out that Lom is messing with Nuea’s feelings causing the latter to act strangely. She argues that Lom has brought nothing but pain and trouble to Nuea. She reminds him that he is set to marry Yiwa and should focus on that.

As Imm continues to give her piece of her mind to Lom, Yiwa and Marine arrive. Yiwa asks Imm to hear them out. Yiwa explains that she is the one who came up with the marriage idea. It is her way to escape her family’s influence in her life and then later on divorce and be free to be with Marine. This makes no sense but let’s act like it does for the sake of the plot!

Long story short, the wedding is fake but Lom’s feelings for Nuea are real. He needs to tell Nuea the truth and Imm agrees to help him. She gives him Nuea’s mom’s number and tells him where Nuea is.  Lom calls Nuea’s mom and pleads his case saying it is all a big misunderstanding. He notifies Nuea’s mom that he will be flying down there to explain everything to Nuea. 

The next day, Lom travels to Nuea’s home town. He is welcomed by Nuea’s cousin, Ryu and his boyfriend, Sun. They start by testing Lom’s sincerity by making him ride on the back of their pick-up truck. Lom ends up feeling nauseated but holds it in.  Lom is determined to make things right between him and Nuea. 

Once they get there, Nuea refuses to hear Lom out. Ryu gets angry and tries to kick him out but Lom manages to get a few minutes with Nuea. He explains how the marriage was Yiwa’s idea and their relationship is fake. Nuea is shocked to hear that Yiwa is the mastermind of this ridiculous fake marriage. He thought Lom was using the marriage to use his sexuality and hurting Yiwa in the process. Lom asks for a chance to prove his sincere feelings and win Nuea’s heart.

Meanwhile, Yiwa is on a date with Marine promising her that they will stick to the plan and later get divorced. She argues this is the only way for things to work out… but is it? Marine is understanding and willing to wait. 

Back to Lom and Nuea, they are not exactly on good terms but Lom is working on it. He stays at the orchard and works hard to prove himself. He never complains and keeps sneaking a few glances at Nuea. He even gets him his favourite food and rushes to him when he accidentally gets scalded by hot tea. He ends up getting close to Sun, who is also in the same situation. They are both trying to prove their love for Nuea and Ryu respectively. 

All of this softens Nuea’s heart and confuses his mind. He knows he wants Lom but worries about getting together. However, Lom is not willing to give up. He asks Sun to help with the pick-up truck so he can go downtown and get Nuea his favourite food. All he wants is to see Nuea smile at him.

The Episode Review

It is not lost on us that all these misunderstandings would have been resolved a long time ago. All Lom had to do was come clean the minute he realised he wants Nuea. The whole justification for the fake wedding is quite frankly outrageous.

Yiwa should face her family and be bold enough to tell them about Marine. The same goes for Lom, this fake wedding is a nuisance. I hope they call it off by the next episode. We have only two more episodes left so they need to get a grip and do the right thing!

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