Wedding Plan (Thai BL) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Distracted From Work

Wedding Plan episode 4 starts with Nuea denying Lom the right to kiss him. Nuea is trying not to give in to his feelings and he insists there will be no more intimate interactions between them. Lom is curious if they will still see each other. Nuea explains they will but only for work purposes. Lom is frustrated with Nuea’s response and the messy situation he is in.

The next day, he spends time with Yiwa and she notices he is sad and inattentive. He confides in her that he is worried about Nuea. Lom is worried about his reaction and asks how Yiwa handled the issue with Marine. 

Yiwa advises him to ask Marine but says Nuea is probably feeling guilty. She adds that Marine also felt guilty and blamed herself for interfering with Lom and Yiwa’s relationship. In truth, Marine had nothing to worry about. Lom and Yiwa are childhood friends with an understanding to help each other hide the truth about their sexuality. Marine joins them and Yiwa excuses herself to pick up a call. Unfortunately, Yiwa’s mom and her friend see Lom sitting with Marine at the restaurant and jump to conclusions.

Meanwhile, Nuea is having a hard time at work. Not even food or Imm’s bickering seems to cheer him up. His work colleagues start to worry that something serious must have happened. Nuea throws himself into work to forget Lom. Not that work is helping him forget the man or the taste of his lips. 

After work, he is surprised to find Lom waiting for him outside the office. Lom insists he has some work-related stuff he wants to discuss. He then takes Nuea to his favourite fast food joint and orders him his favourite food. He seemingly knows a lot about Nuea’s food preferences. Nuea asks him to get to the point and tries to act professionally. Lom expresses his concern about Nuea missing his meals but the latter is acting hard to get.  

He changes tactics and pretends to take away the food. Nuea decides to make up with him and starts eating. Lom finds his behaviour cute and is happy that they are talking again. For the rest of the night, he ignores his phone and focuses on Nuea. 

The following morning, he is surprised to see Yiwa’s mom at his home. She is there to warn Lom about cheating on Yiwa with Marine. Boy, if she only knew the truth! Lom’s mom is also on Yiwa’s mom’s side. Yiwa’s mom thinks Marine is trying to steal Lom and has apparently been giving her a hard time. This has caused conflict between her and Yiwa. Lom clarifies the matter and points out they are wrong about Marine. The moms team up and insist that Yiwa and Lom do a pre-wedding photoshoot. They refuse to budge on the matter but Lom is forced to say yes. 

The change of plans catches Nuea off-guard but he still manages to pull a photoshoot at short notice. During the shoot, Lom tries to talk to Nuea but is interrupted by Yiwa. She teases them, mentioning how close they are and Nuea immediately denies it. He acts guilty and quickly excuses himself to check other things. Lom gets angry with Yiwa for teasing him when she knows Nuea is timid and will take it to heart. She volunteers to tell Nuea the truth but Lom insists he will find the perfect time to do so. 

A second problem arises when the moms of the couple show up at the photo shoot. They want to make sure everything is in order and remind the kids that marriage is a serious business. They spend their time gushing about how sweet the couple is. 

During a break, Lom uses that opportunity to try to talk to Nuea. He claims he is tired and grabs Nuea’s hand. They are outside so no one sees them.  Later, Nuea overhears the moms talk about how the couple has stood the test of time and is basically a match made in heaven. After watching Yiwa and Lom pose for their photos, he feels inclined to agree. 

Nuea later goes back to the office before the shoot is wrapped up. He calls his mom and admits he is having a tough time. He tells her that he has fallen for someone and has no idea what to do. His mom is understanding and advises him to come home if he is too overwhelmed. Nuea cries over the phone and Imm overhears his conversation with his mom. She feels sad for him but gives him space. 

Lom tries to find Lom after the shoot is wrapped. One of the staff members tells him that Nuea went back to the office. Yiwa insists that Lom should have come clean sooner. They also talk about their parents and how exhausting they are. Yiwa worries that their moms might have said something to Nuea. She wonders why her mom can’t seem to see how much she is giving up and let her be happy. Lom asks her to calm down but it is evident he is worried about Nuea. 

Yiwa heads home and finds Marine wearing the wedding dress she sent earlier during the day. Marine looks gorgeous and we have to admit she would make a beautiful bride. Yiwa tells her as much and they make love. 

The next morning, Lom unsuccessfully tries to reach Nuea. He sends Nuea a message asking him to pick up his phone. However, Nuea texts back that is busy and that Lom should text him in case of a wedding emergency. Not hearing from Nuea puts Lom in a bad mood. He later gets into a fight with his mom. His mom wants him and Yiwa to move into the house after their wedding. She is already talking about grandchildren and planning Lom’s whole life. She insists she is not a third wheel but we beg to differ. 

Nuea is also having a hard time at work and keeps ignoring Lom’s calls and messages. Lom goes out for a few drinks and relentlessly texts Nuea. Nuea is exasperated and finally calls him back. Lom begs him to meet and promises to wait at his usual joint. Nuea’s heart softens and he immediately leaves to meet him.

He finds Lom drunk and he asks if he is okay. Of course, Lom is not okay. He is about to marry Yiwa even though he is falling for Nuea. He tells Nuea he is stressed about everything and the latter offers to help. Lom asks if he is willing to help as a wedding planner or more. Nuea is willing to help as a wedding planner. Lom tells him that he wants more and they agree to be friends.

Lom passes out and Nuea takes him home. He is not pleased that he has to take care of Lom. He was hoping to keep his distance in order to let him go. He scolds Lom, who is passed out about playing with his feelings. He promises they won’t meet again and is about to leave when Lom grabs him. He asks if Nuea thinks he will ever agree to such a thing and kisses him. 

Nuea is no longer able to fight his feelings for Lom. He gives in and they end up making love until early in the morning. Lom’s confession when they’re making love gives us goosebumps!

Later, Lom watches Nuea sleep in his arms and takes off his ring. 

The Episode Review

Why is Lom wearing a ring, to begin with? He is not yet married to Yiwa, surely? Watching Yiwa and Lom hide their relationship from their parents is heartbreaking. After seeing more of their parents though, it is understandable why they are opting to hide the truth. However, this will only make matters worse. They are clearly in love with different people and it is selfish to put Nuea and Marine through this fake wedding.

At this point, Nuea and Lom have crossed a line they can’t turn back. The deal is sealed and only waiting to be delivered. What happens now? Will Lom finally come clean and stop the wedding? 

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