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Wedding Plan episode 3 starts picks up where we left off, with Lom kissing Nuea. After the kiss, Nuea is a bit calm. He doesn’t understand why Lom kissed him but more importantly, why Lom didn’t tell him about the revised guest list. Lom explains that he was clear from the beginning that he is the only one who will handle all the wedding issues. He does have a point!

He tells Nuea that neither his parents nor Yiwa’s have a right to change anything related to their wedding. Nuea admits that he lost his temper a bit but is still feeling pissed. He gets into a boxing ring with Lom to relieve his frustration. Lom finds him more cute and teases him for getting angry in the first place. He insists that Nuea should only worry about what he and Yiwa want for their wedding.

Nuea is also angry that Lom was unreachable but Lom says it worked for the best since they got to see each other.  Believe it when we say Lom is smooth! Nuea doesn’t know how to argue against that logic and drops the matter. He is still mad though.

Lom drives him back to his apartment and continues to effortlessly flirt with him. He thanks Nuea for coming to see him. Nuea is about to exit Lom’s car when Lom pulls him back. He once again thanks him for worrying about his wedding. Nuea argues it is his job and sends him on his way. However, Lom says that there is something he needs for the wedding. 

The next day, Lom takes Nuea on a waterboarding date. Nuea is excited to learn and keeps trying even though he is not good at it. Lom watches and smiles to himself. On the other hand, Nuea believes he is only doing this to understand his client better. We don’t buy this flimsy excuse even for a second but whatever helps him get through the guilt. Later, they watch the sunset and Lom talks about his favourite colour being orange. 

He watches as Nuea excitedly talks about waterboarding and flirts with him while trying to give Nuea tips. At this point, Nuea is falling deeper into Lom’s charming spell but tries to keep calm. He realizes Lom tricked him again to spend the day together. Lom wants to tell him that he likes him but holds back. 

They have dinner and Lom admits that he has been watching Nuea for a long time and that is how he knows Nuea loves to eat. As they get close, Nuea asks if he is being forced to get married because he keeps receiving mixed signals from him. Lom wonders if he should tell Nuea the truth but opts to lie instead. He claims he was not forced and he truly wishes to marry Yiwa. Nuea is disappointed but covers it up with a sweet response. Lom apologizes out of nowhere without clarifying why he is sorry.

The following day, Nuea asks Imm if it is wrong to fall for a client. Imm tells him it is not, but it is wrong to act on such feelings. She warns him not to interfere with other people’s relationships as he will get hurt. Nuea shows her Lom’s wedding invitations and she asks him why he has not sent them yet. Nuea explains he was just on his way to show the invitations to Lom. On his way out, he gets a call from Lom but ignores it. 

He visits a restaurant and is shocked to see Marine and Yiwa. Yiwa joins Marine after her meeting, where we learn that she’s a model and that is how she met Yiwa. Yiwa fought tooth and nail to hire her for a project and the rest, as they say, is history. They have been together for nearly two years. As Nuea watches them before quickly leaving, he wonders if his gay radar is mistaken.

Marine and Yiwa don’t notice him and once he leaves they bring up Lom. It seems like Lom has been feeling down lately. Marine wonders if he told Nuea the truth about the wedding, but Yiwa doesn’t think he did. She argues he must be scared and shares she felt the same way before telling Marine.  She feels it is a huge risk for Nuea to know so early in their relationship as he might leave. She wants Lom to find a good partner like Marine who will stay by his side. She thinks Nuea might be the person, and hopes they will become an item.

Meanwhile, Lom is getting frustrated as Nuea continues to ignore his calls. He stops by his mom’s house to get a few documents. His mom is curious about the wedding preparations and eager to see him finally marry Yiwa. Lom promises that he has everything under control and won’t look at any other woman.

Later that night, he finally gets a text from Nuea. Nuea claims that he is too busy and asks him to strictly text if something comes up. Lom is relieved to see the message, and he calls someone asking for a favour. 

The next day, Lom is at another event but still thinking about Lom. Sun asks him to focus on the event at hand. The event turns out to be Phayu’s celebration of fulfilling his dreams of being an architect. Our beloved Phayu is now a famous architect and one of his projects has been completed. Lom shows up to the event to celebrate his friend but also because he wanted to see Nuea.  He, however, tells Nuea that it is a coincidence they met that day.

After the event, Phayu proposes to his long-term boyfriend Rain. It is a swoon-worthy moment as they kiss and promise to continue loving each other. As a fan of Love in The Air, we couldn’t have asked for more. It was perfect and everything we imagined Phayu’s proposal to be like. Of course, our newlyweds Prapai and Sky are present to witness this moment too. 

Lom watches Nuea’s happy face as the proposal goes down and smiles to himself.  He grabs Nuea’s hands and claims he is feeling cold. Nuea doesn’t resist and they continue to hold hands.  Later that night, Lom drives a sleepy Nuea home. As he watches Nuea sleep in the car, he is tempted to kiss him. 

Nuea wakes up and reminds him that he is getting married soon. Lom knows but he is unable to stop kissing Nuea. He knows that he has no right to kiss Nuea but has something to tell him. He can no longer control his feelings, and the episode ends with Lom confessing his feelings.

The Episode Review

It seems after their first kiss, Lom could no longer hide his feelings for Nuea. He still keeps thinking about that night and is ready to admit how he feels. Will he tells Nuea about the fake wedding and how will he take it? This brings us to the promise Lom made to his mom. Technically, he didn’t lie about looking at other women; he is only looking at one man and that is Nuea!

The best part of this episode was seeing our riders again. Prapai and Sky look so happy while Phayu and Rain look so in love. It is a beautiful gift to witness Phayu keeping his promise to Rain. They certainly stole the show and we can’t wait for the wedding!

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