Wecrashed – Season 1 Episode 2 “Masha Masha Masha” Recap & Review

Masha Masha Masha

Episode 2 of Wecrashed starts on Thursday October 9th 2008. It’s Adam and Rebekah’s wedding, with Rebekah walking down the aisle in a gorgeous purple dress. After the ceremony, everyone continues to ask Rebekah about whether Gwyneth Paltrow is arriving or not, given her acting ties. She’s not, of course.

However, Rebekah’s father drops off a cheque for 1 million dollars, which should help get them a nice house. For Adam though, he’s somewhat taken aback by this gesture given he wanted to be the one to provide for Rebekah.

Adam eventually catches up with Bob who exhibits concerns over the way he’s managed to bag the investment from Risakov. Apparently he’ll be lucky to even get the 18 cents from him. Has Adam been conned? Well, it certainly seems that way as Adam and Miguel are left with a difficult decision to make going forward.

At the run-down office space the next day, Adam urges Miguel to invest all of his Greendesk money into this new start-up, WeWork. Adam intends to sort the place out and get it renovated. He also convinces Rebekah to do the same thing with her 1 million dollars too, but her father’s not exactly pleased when he finds out.

Rebekah is onboard though, playing the feminist angle and speaking to her director on-set, pitching the idea of WeWork to her and showing her around the office. It seems to work, she gets the role of Masha in an upcoming project, while Adam and Miguel start interviewing various people and bring them onboard with the promise that they’re building toward the next Facebook.

With the current office-space barely registering and everyone struggling, Adam branches out and speaks to a guy called Stavos, who happens to be an investor for a new midtown location. The fact that they barely have this first space going is telling unto itself, and it’s shocking that Adam is even thinking about expanding at this stage.

In fact, Miguel is shocked and walks away when he finds out. Stavos shows up at the office and admits he was drunk when signing the lease. He’s having second thoughts and doesn’t actually see Adam as investable. However, Adam decides to blackmail him into keeping the guy on the books, pointing out how small the real estate world is. If word of what he’s done gets out, it could become very uncomfortable for him.

While Rebekah does her performance up on stage, she ends up having an epiphany, realizing that acting isn’t for her. So she skips out and decides to join Adam instead.

Adam manages to rally his workers together to prepare for their upcoming showcase. They’ve got 12 hours to do as much as they can – and it’s pretty remarkable what they manage to achieve. Adam lavishes praise on Miguel for his hard work in all this, as the whole space is completely renovated and transformed.

It hits 9am and workers show up in their numbers. Of course, word of mouth for this invigorating office space is the dream and right now, it seems to be working. That much is especially apparent when Adam meets with a bunch of potential investors, using his charisma and words to pique more interest in WeWork. It looks like the company is on the up.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Wecrashed slows things down as we see Adam and Miguel eking their way through different businessmen and women, trying to score an investment. Eventually it turns to Rebekah and her 1 million dollar cheque from her father to tip the scales across into their favour. That’s a risky play, especially given how much of a dump that area was, but it seems to have worked. Now WeWork is well on its way to actually working.

Leto’s performance is a little more subdued in this follow-up too, which is nice to see, while the show continues to deliver interesting drama with the couple, as they’re now fully invested in building up WeWork as the big business it can be.

With another episode available to watch now, everything is left wide open.

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