We Came As Romans – Darkbloom | Album Review

Track Listing

Black Hole
One More Day
The Anchor
Holding The Embers
Promise You


Within their hearts a darkness forms, but this act spearhead sounds which are frantic and in your face. We Came As Romans, purposefully place spirit and vigour into this record, while facing their fears and a world that is becoming undone.

Escaping their worries has taken its toll, and the band’s belief has taken a hit, a hammer-blow if you will, and they’re feeling the effects headfirst. With Darkbloom, they have totally let their muse race rapidly into the atmosphere, giving their all in the process, although not everything seems pretty.

The thunderous instrumentals are a mainstay in the band’s output, and they do not feel outdated at any moment. The band enforces a fresh sound on Darkbloom, and those breakdowns and guitar lines become engaging, properly infusing the record.

We Came As Romans know they have done metalcore proud of this release, and they know they can rest easy while the music they’ve created plays into the ears who choose to listen.

The album begins with ‘Darkbloom’. It’s a masterclass in anticipation, and those vocals and guitar strokes merge to create a blast. The lyrics describe the world coming undone and how the human race may wither away. It’s intelligent song-writing.

‘Golden’ meanwhile, opens with hard instrumentals and evocative vocals. These vocals are clean, and the story keeps on developing, with that chorus being the most infectious on the record. ‘Holding The Embers’ also opens with clean vocals that describe crumbling desires. The chorus, again, is impactful.

We Came As Romans try to break loose from the shackles of pain, and while their lyrical endeavours are darker than most, they mean so much. This is another solid metal album worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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