We Are The Wave – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Cat and Mouse

Episode 5 of We Are The Wave begins where the first episode began. The group take the drugged politician away and stage another big political statement, this time with him awakening in a glass box dressed as a Nazi, with one hand strung up in a salute.

As the group begin to grow bolder, the police double their efforts in finding those responsible. With a list of people arrested from the incident at the slaughterhouse, Inspector Serner heads to the school and quizzes the teacher over the different students. However, she mentions Tristan recently being released, prompting him to snap a photo of the group hanging out together in the playground.

Zazie opens the family safe back home and finds a gun hidden within. Heading to their hang-out spot, she shows off her new tattoo on her forearms before they head to the car dealership for their next stunt. Having rigged the cars the night before, toxic fumes fill the dealership as the kids rush away. However, Paula spots Lea on the way out and as she and Tristan run away, Rahim gets her attention and it’s here we learn Paula’s Uncle owns the car dealership. Inspector Serner arrives on the scene too but thankfully Paula doesn’t talk.

Tristan heads to Lea’s for dinner and once there, her Mum begins interrogating him. Midway through eating, she tells him to leave. Disgusted, Lea leaves with him and it’s here she reveals how worried she is with the Paula situation. While she kisses Tristan, Zazie and Hagen finally hook up together too at her house.

When Tristan heads back to his apartment, Inspector Serner shows up and talks to him about his past life. It’s a way to rattle the kids into making the wrong move and it’s a tactic Tristan sees through immediately, realizing the police have nothing on them.

Rahim receives the bad news via text that his family have been evicted. With his things in boxes and their home a mess, Rahim promises his parents he’ll do his best to help them get another home and as the rest of The Wave show up and help him move, they plot their next move.

The group’s next stunt sees them disguised as catering staff at a hotel. A man named Frank Karius is the designated speaker, although it turns out it’s not actually him speaking – it’s Tristan in disguise. Sensing that The Wave are there, the receptionist phones through to Inspector Serner who rallies the troops and head to his location.

After delivering a speech about eradicating the 99%, the banquet begins and as cloches are raised around the room, locusts burst out, causing panic to ensue. As the police arrive, The Wave hurry out the back but find themselves separated. Lea and Tristan slip through the parking lot while Zazie and the others head into the forest. As they get to the edge of a busy road, the group are reunited. Despite managing to get to the other side, Inspector Serne sees them from afar and shoots Lea in the back.

The penultimate episode to We Are The Wave is pretty dramatic to be honest and arguably one of the strongest of the series. With the cat-and-mouse game entering the fray this time around, Inspector Serne’s steely resolve is the perfect juxtaposition to the group’s eccentricity. Their arrogance and seemingly unstoppable crusade comes crashing down at the end too and the cliffhanger only reinforces how hopeless their situation has become

With lots of questions left hanging over this one, the finale promises to be quite the explosive affair.


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