We Are The Wave – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Stronger Together

Episode 4 of We Are The Wave sees Lea grapple with the ensuing chaos in the wake of the break-in. Police rush to the scene and arrest Lea and several other kids, while Paula convinces Rahim to abandon his friends. As they run away, Lea is taken to the station where the others lament her choice of targeting the slaughterhouse.

After speaking to the police, Lea learns they may have a rat in their ranks as the police received a tip-off before she arrived. With this information weighing heavily on her mind, she ignores her parents before heading to school later on where the others are waiting for her. They blame her for being rash and after heading into class and receiving the cold shoulder from Tristan, Lea deals with further problems when the misfits are given a final warning, with further incidents leading to expulsion.

It turns out the traitor is actually Tristan, who steps up and tells then he did it to prove who’s really loyal to the cause. However, after a democratic vote Tristan is kicked out the group, leading Zazie to chase after him, cursing Lea. Heading back to the prison, Tristan learns he’s served all his time and is allowed to leave.

Meanwhile, Lea grapples with a broken team, as Hagen, Zazie and Rahim leave the group and instead, head off to find Tristan. After apologizing to them, the kids get to work decorating Tristan’s apartment while Lea finds The Wave’s message muddied and twisted thanks to the senseless acts of vandalism.

A message online about another group sparks Lea’s interest. Unfortunately, they happen to be the Neo-Nazis from earlier in the series and after some quick thinking, she manages to slip away from them. When she heads home however, her parents and the police stand waiting for her. After giving them the cold shoulder, Tristan shows up at Lea’s house while her parents are out and after some convincing, agrees to talk with him. He apologises and professes his love to her, leading them to have sex in her house.

The aftermath of this sees Tristan bringing the original five members of the Wave together and they make a pact to stay that way after he makes a deal with a shadowy SUV group.

With a much more direct storyline to come and plenty of melodrama throughout the episode, We Are The Wave closes out with a really slick shot, one that sees a rotating camera show off the team’s solidarity and newfound steely resolve. While parts of the episode do feel a little overly dramatic, including the Neo-Nazi showdown, there’s enough here to make for an entertaining episode nonetheless.

As we reach the business end of the series, things are really starting to heat up now and quite what direction this one is likely to go next, remains to be seen.


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