Weak Hero Class 1 Season 1 Ending Explained – What causes the rift between Su-ho and Beom-seok?

Weak Hero Class 1 Season 1 Plot Summary

Earlier this year, Weak Hero Class 1‘s season 1 sneaked its way onto Viki from its webtoon roots on Naver. With reason, one might easily perceive this as another school-based idol drama. But there is no sweet little romance and very little innocence. Weak Hero Class 1 is all about survival.

The South Korean drama takes us the through the harrowing days in a school for boys. Our hero, Si-eun, just wants to study and get the heck out. But that’s not how it works. Once he manages to defeat the lead troublemaker, there’s good old revenge coming for him.

Led by actor and K-pop idol, Park Jihoon, he’s practically unrecognizable from his previous work on Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (Viki, Netflix) or his music video released last October, Nitro.

What causes the rift between Su-ho and Beom-seok?

In fairness, Beom-seok has a lot going on. And at the same time, Su-ho is just being himself. But feeling like he’s the group wallet/mascot, Beom-seok gets fed up. Then when Su-ho tries to stop him from beating his former bully, he starts to feel that he doesn’t fit in anymore.

Plop in the sense of being displaced by Young-yi and he’s questioning everything. Adding 2+2 and getting 5, he lands the idea that Su-ho considers him an underling and never a friend.

How does Beom-seok end up joining the bully group?

After Beom-seok leaves Su-ho and Si-eun in the karaoke room, the bullies from his old school find him. Conveniently, the bullies from his new school get involved and are impressed with Beom-seok. Then he takes them out to celebrate, footing the booze bill and helping them pick up girls, earning a place in their crew.

Why is Su-ho hospitalized?

Tired of being on the receiving end both at home and at school, a rage-fuelled Beom-seok pays another fighter to beat Su-ho up. That guy plays a few tricks and once Su-ho is down, Beom-seok kicks him until he stops breathing.

When Su-ho is in the hospital, what happens to Young-yi?

Beom-seok tells her that she is the reason for everything — she came between the guys, creating the fight. Soon after, she disappears without contacting Si-eun.

Does Beom-seok regret what he did to Su-ho?

He seems to, once it’s clear that Su-ho is near death. As a result, his adoptive father is sending him away to the Philippines, so he seems to be regretting a lot of his choices.

Does Su-ho wake up?

There’s a moment when Si-eun hallucinates a conversation with him. But Su-ho does not wake up.

What happens to Si-eun?

Having lost both his friends, Si-eun investigates what happened to Su-ho and crushes everyone involved. Arm still in a cast, his last stop is his own school where he attacks all the bullies, swinging a full-sized fire extinguisher. After knocking out several kids, he goes after Beom-seok but isn’t able to finish him. In the end, he loses it, smashing windows in front of stunned teachers.

Of course, he’s transferred, Beom-seok’s father ensuring no decent school will accept him. In his new school, full of rough-looking kids, he’s immediately marked out by new bullies. As Weak Hero Class 1 Season 1 ends, the next cycle has already begun.

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