WAXX – At Least I’m Free | Album Review

Track List

Mermaid Beach
Read Receipts
Man Like Me
No Doz
Most Hated Girl
Beam Me Up
Jerk on The Streets
Help Me Hell
Same Bitch


By freeing themselves from the clutches of repetitiveness and replication, punk band WAXX instils belief into their highly charged songs. Hailing from Australia, the act prevail fiercely here and their music is unconventional but staggeringly different, which makes them original.

Being original is a hard task. Fighting against the status quo is also an extreme test, and WAXX is on their way and gravitating towards glowing hope and a resurgence. The band doesn’t do things by halves either and they definitely don’t cut away any sinew, leaving all that they’ve worked for intact.

The band offers raucous songs for quiet rooms. Their style makes them unique, and their record At Least I’m Free, is a blast of the unorthodox; a collection of snappy songs detailing a hunger for success and resilience. The theme running throughout this compendium can be dark and morose as well.

‘Mermaid Beach’ starts the record with subtle edges. The vocals are calm and not strained, and the tone does raise, eventually. It’s a bittersweet opening. ‘Most Hated Girl’ is a grungy affair, and the punk rock fever rages, brimming in hooks and tenacity. It’s a fast-paced pile-driver.

‘Jeff On The Streets’ is pure anarchy, and it pulses with abrasive guitar riffs that fit perfectly with the tenacious vocals. It’s a daring listen and full of attitude.

‘Whoever’ shows sharp lyricism. The words are full bloodied and unnerving, and they detail hopelessness in a city disconnected from its roots. It’s certainly an emotional track.

WAXX is a band fuelled on punk energy and their music highlights loud moments webbed in emotion.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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