Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap and Review

The Love Pentagon

The love pentagon continues in Was It Love as all the men start becoming more desperate towards Ae-Jeong. The story remains a little slow this time around though until the final act which injects some life into this one.

Episode 8 of Was It Love? starts in the past with Ryu-Jin meeting Ae-Jeong for the first time in college. He narrates that he was the first one to fall in love with her and the first to have his heart broken.

In the present, Ryu-Jin stops Dae-Oh from waking Ae-Jeong and asks him to stop liking her. Dae-Oh thinks he is joking at first but Ryu-Jin insists, telling him he’s serious. A-Rin and her agent arrive too and bring food for everyone.

Outside, A-Rin reminds Ryu-Jin about the day they met. She caught him in an embarrassing position which led to her blackmailing him in exchange for getting her the lead role in a movie.

After he accused her of doing the movie to make his life difficult, she admits that she actually is there because she is pinning for someone. We then see that Ae-Jeong actually heard the two men speak about her.

In the morning, both men offer to drive Ae-Jeong home but she refuses. A-Rin then drives her where she probes the girl about her love life. Ae-Jeong tells her that she doesn’t have time in her life for romance, which pleases the actress.

Meanwhile, Ha-Nee has a touching moment with Yeon-Woo when she tells him that she wishes he could be her father. As soon as Ae-Jeong arrives home, her mother takes her aside and shows her the diary Ha-Nee threw away. She tell her that the girl craves a fatherly relationship.

At the same time, Dong-Chan refuses his allowance from his Father as he doesn’t want the money he has earned. He then asks his Father how his Mother died but is soon interrupted by Pa-Do’s assistant who has urgent news. We then see him watch a news footage of dead bodies found with very familiar tattoos.

In the evening, Dae-Oh heads to Ryu-Jin’s place and wonders why he asked him to stop liking Ae-Jeong. Ryu-Jin reveals that he liked her way before he started dating, which upsets him. Dae-Oh then asks why he didn’t keep this to himself and the actor replies that he is in too deep.

In a flashback, we see that Ryu-Jin was already unhappy because of Dae-Oh when the latter asked for his help to win Ae-Jeong over. He almost declared his love to her but stopped himself at the last minute.

In the evening, Yeon-Woo finds Ae-Jeong looking at the parenting diary. He tells her that Ha-Nee has been questioning him about it. He knows that she has been doing great raising her but believes that the girl needs a father so he offers to help her and Ha-Nee out.

Meanwhile, A-Rin and her agent find Dae-Oh passed out drunk in a bar. They decide to take him to Ae-Jeong’s house where the latter suddenly asks Ae-Jeong to choose between himself and Jin. She doesn’t really answer so he repeatedly tells her that for him, it is her he chooses.

After bringing Dae-Oh home, A-Rin remembers in 2005 the moment she revealed that she loved him. He wasn’t interested though and told her how he found Ae-Jeong beautiful. As we cut back to the present, A-Rin realizes that nothing has really changed.

The next morning, Dae-Oh is the worse for wear and feels embarrassed when he remembers the night before. Meanwhile, Ae-Jeong heads out to look at a filming location. However, Hye-Jin was meant to go with her but has something planned with Dae-Oh.

After speaking to Sook-Hee about her daughter, Hyang-Ja tries to set up Yeon-Woo with Ae-Jeong and sends him to a new garden that has just opened. At the same time, Pa-Do is attacked while visiting a temple. The man warns him that because he killed his boss, someone will always come after him and threatens to hit Ae-Jeong next.

Dae-Oh sends a text to Ryu-Jin telling him that he is planning to declare his love to Ae-Jeong again and will not stop trying to regain her love. He tries calling both of them but fails to get a replY. He then rushes outside to look for her while Yeon-Woo finds out where Ae-Jeong is and does the same.

With Pa-Do worried about Ae-Jeong’s safety, all four men are now heading to the filming location where Ae-Jeong is. Unfortunately, only Dae-oh makes it so the other three decide to form an alliance.

Before school, Ha-Nee and Dong-Chan share drinks in a coffee shop. Ha-Nee tells her friend that she wants a part time job to save up enough money for a DNA test. She wants to get money out of her real father to compensate her mum for everything she has been through.

Ae-Jeong arrives at her destination and is surprised to find Dae-Oh there. He has managed to smooth things over with the owner but is upset that Ae-Jeong is not more grateful. She confronts him too, telling him that if she needed help, she would ask. He insists that he wants to fill the gap for those long 14 years and reveals that he missed her before leaning in for a kiss.

The Episode Review

Was It Love brings us another average episode as we follow the adventures of Ae-Jeong and the four men after her. Each have a different story though which at least helps to make things a little more interesting.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Ryu-Jin who had been pinning for Ae-Jeong in college and had to watch his friend date her. At the same time, sweet Yeon-Won also remained in the friend zone.

Pa-Do however is leading a dark life but seems to care about Ae-Jeong more and more. The next episode should be quite interesting as all four men will come face to face and hopefully bring a slight faster-paced chapter with more drama.

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