Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap and Review

Who is My Father?

The mystery deepens with Ha-Nee’s father’s identity as more flashbacks show that it could have been either of the three main men. The drama is doing a good job at keeping the audience guessing while Ae-Jeong is still fighting for her dream to come true.

Episode 4 of Was It Love? begins just as Ae-Jeong and Dae-Oh shake hands and agree to work together. Yeon-Woo joins them as Ae-Jeong explains she is there for a job before running off to dry herself. While they wait, both men get to know each other. Yeon-Woo recognizes and thanks the man for accepting to give a lecture to the school. Dae-Oh explains that he and Ae-Jeong go way back so Yeon-Woo quickly reveals that he is living with her just as they give each other a very strong handshake.

Ae-Jeong returns and walks away with Yeon-Woo. On her way home, she complains about Dae-Oh to Yeon-Woo and asks him if he could find someone else to be do a lecture at school. He agrees but wonders how long they have known each other.

At the sauna with her mother and grandmother, Ha-Nee wonders if the phone number belongs to the famous Ryu-Jin. She texts him again and asks if he is. The latter is recording a radio show though and remains intrigued by the mysterious texts he has received. Dae-Oh meanwhile tries to find out just who Yeon-Woo is as he believes he’s Ae-Jeong’s husband.

The next day, Ae-Jeong meets with Dae-Oh to finalize their contract. Frustrated by his usual attitude, she explains that she has a lot to do including finding cast, a director and meeting with the investor. Dae-Oh seems concerned though and decides to go to the meeting with her.

As they sit in Pa-Do’s garden, Ae-Jeong hands the contract to the investor who asks Dae-Oh what made him change his mind. He reveals that he should be the director as the story is about him. As Pa-Do asks Ae-Jeong what her thoughts are, we see a flashback in 2005 when they were filming and directing a movie in college.

She tells them that they always shared the same passion and believes that he is a competent director. Pa-Do then reminds her that she now needs to cast Ryu-Jin, which surprises Dae-Oh. On their way home, the latter berates her for agreeing to it. She then realizes that he is still in contact with Ryu and convinces him to set up a meeting.

The next day at the gym, Dae-Oh shows Ryu-Jin his newly written script and admits that he has agreed to work with Ae-Jeong. This surprises Ryu-Jin who thought that his friend was seeking revenge. Dae-Oh tells him that he didn’t really have any choice and wants him to join them in the venture. Ryu-Jin is not sure though so his friend tries to convince him, explaining that Ae-Jeong is in a tight spot as the investor will only agree if he stars in it.

He heads for his next meeting with Ae-Jeong and shows her the finished script which makes her very happy. After going through it, Dae-Oh mentions that he will need to polish up some scenes including the main lead who shouldn’t be too attractive as she has a good eye for these sort of things. Dae-Oh then mentions her “husband” and starts passing judgment on her life. This upsets her and she tells him he has no idea how she has led her life until now.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Woo visits his mother in hospital who pretends to be ill to get her son to see her. She tells him she has revised the will. However, he replies that he doesn’t mind whatever she decides to do with her money. This annoys her and as she sits up, Yeon-Woo sees that she was faking it. She then asks him if it is because of her just as we see a flashback of a young Yeon-Woo telling his mother that Ae-Jeong is pregnant.

Late at night, Dae-Oh decides to visit Ae-Jeong in her office. He finds her asleep on one of the sofas and, as he makes sure she is comfortable, she grabs his hand in her sleep. He then puts the fixed script on the table with some food and leaves, deep in thought. Soon after, Ha-Nee and Yeon-Woo arrive with food. Dae-Oh comes back to the office and sees the trio together, believing that they are a happy family. He then proceeds to drown his sorrow and meets Ryu-Jin, admitting to him he shouldn’t have met her again.

The next day, Ha-Nee calls Ryu-Jin and arranges to meet him that same evening. She tells Dong Chan that she has now two potential candidates but one will be disqualified.

Meanwhile, Ae-Jeong heads to find Ryu-Jin’s manager to give him the script offer. The manager doesn’t seem very interested though so she insists that he would be perfect for Ryu and to mention that Noh Ae-Jeong came to see him.

Dae-Oh brings coffee to Ae-Jeong’s office but only finds Hye-Jin there as Ae-Jeong is gone to a school event. He sits with her colleague and learns that Ae-Jeong doesn’t actually have a husband but raised her daughter alone.

Ar school, the mothers are berating Ae-Jeong for not coming through with bringing Cheon Eok-man as a guest lecturer. Ha-Nee sees her mother in trouble which prompts her to ask Ryu-Jin to meet her at school. He then thinks of the past and realizes that Ha-Nee is 14 and 14 years ago was when Ae-Jeong cried on his shoulders.

Back in school, Dae-Oh arrives and takes Ae-Jeong away to the rooftop. He tells her that she is the one who appeared out of the blue and swayed him. Yeon-Woo arrives too and grabs her arm. The episode then ends with Dae-Oh asking him if he is her husband, boyfriend or family member.

The Review Write-Up

After 4 episodes, it is clear that all three men from Ae-Jeong’s past still have feelings for this woman. However, it’s still unclear what has happened between them all but I am sure it will be revealed soon in true K-drama fashion.

Ha-Nee trying to find who her father is reminds me a little of the movie/musical Mamma Mia and I am quite enjoying the way this storyline takes ideas from that. Was It Love has been a decent drama so far and while it may not be the strongest of the year, the story is fun and interesting enough to keep you watching.

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