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The New Contract

The latest episode of Was It Love concentrates on Ae-Jeong’s strong determination to make it and clear her debt. She is definitely a strong and interesting character and the show has done a good job building her up as a really likable protagonist.

Episode 3 of Was It Love? starts where it left off with Ha-Nee discovering her mother’s pregnancy diary and mentioning that her father may be Yeon-Woo. The latter happens to ring the bell at that same moment to have dinner with Ha-Nee and her grandma, while Ae-Jeong sits down with Dae-Oh. He asks her where she has been for the last 14 years. She then offers to tell him why she broke up with him if he agrees to work with her. Again, he laughs at her, telling her he won’t get anything from signing the contract.

Angered by his arrogance, she tells him that his story was written by the lead male perspective and that she is the only that can help him finish the tale. She then storms out, unwilling to work with him.

Back home, Ha-Nee tries to find out more about Yeon-Woo but her grandmother keeps stopping her. After discovering that he is looking for a new place to stay, Hyang-Ja suggests that he rent a place in the same building. Ha-Nee later follows him as he leaves and asks what kind of relationship he had with her mother. As he remembers a day in the past, he tells her that she was someone he wanted to take care of.

While looking for a contract, Dae-Oh finds a group picture from his college days and remembers how he started to pursue Ae-Jeong. At the same time, Ryu-Jin runs into trouble when fans corner him outside public toilets.

The next day, Dae-Oh gives a class on how to write and explains that focusing on emotions is important. One girl then asks him about the woman’s perspective of “Love is Nonexistent” as she feels the story is incomplete. He then heads to find Ae-Jeong at her office next and finds her with Pa-Do.

At school, Ha-Nee shows Dong-Chan a questionnaire for Yeon-Woo which she calls a paternity test disguised as a tenancy form. She gives it to her teacher and wishes him luck.

Ae-Jeong, Dae-Oh and Pa-Do sit down to discuss the movie. Dae-Oh claims that he will sue Ae-Jeong so Pa-Do mentions that he is planning to invest 10 billion won in the movie. Ae-Jeong would pay him back with the profit but if she is not making the movie, she will have to pay him back the 1.5 billion she owes him. Ae-Jeong is upset with the conversation but promises to pay up.

When she arrives home, Ae-Jeong is surprised to find Yeon-Woo there. After finding out that he is renting a room, she berates her mother for not consulting her as she worries about what people may say.

Meanwhile, Dae-Oh finds out from his editor that he has received a very good offer from Hollywood for making a movie out of “Love is Nonexistent”. He doesn’t seem happy though while Ryu-Jin’s agent learns that the actor’a audition for the Hollywood movie only got him a small role. Ryu-Jin walks in though and tries calming her down. As he leaves though, he is unable to hold back tears.

Later in the evening, Ae-Jeong and her mother make up. Hyang-Ja tells her she is worried she is still not married before bringing down a box of her old things from the attic. Ae-Jeong then goes through her box of memories and watches a video made by Dae-Oh and herself with Ryu-Jin as the lead.

Ryu-Jin and Dae-Oh have dinner together in a restaurant. The latter mentions that Hollywood wants to make a movie of “Love is Nonexistent” and is still bitter about Ae-Jeong. Ryu-Jin then mentions that he never really completed the ending as he didn’t know why the woman of the story left the hero. He tells him that he is the one missing out and leaves. In the same time, Pa-Do and his men get into a fight with another gang to protect an old man.

In the morning, Ae-Jeong apologises to Yeon-Woo about her reaction from the night before. She explains that she has a lot on her mind for the moment.After mentioning a dream about a golden pig, he gives her a golden candy which makes her smile, going on to hope her wish comes true.

Ha-Nee carries on her investigation with Dong-Chan and looks through her mother’s old phone. She finds a number which turns out to be Ryu-Jin’s. She texts him and asks if he knew Ae-Jeong.

Having heard that she has the rights to Cheon Eok-Man’s book, another company approaches to buy it off her. Ae-Jeong acts more determined and insists that she can do it herself. Much to everyone’s surprise, Dae-Oh arrives and declares that he will sign a contract with Ae-Jeong.

She walks off though and tells him that she has been miserable with him around and that he shouldn’t do this out of pity. Dae-Oh replies that he is not and that he really wants her to produce his movie. As they shake on it and smile, Yeon-Woo happens to be watching from the other side of the road as the episode closes.

The Review Write-Up

This episode sees Dae-Oh agreeing to work with Ae-Jeong on his movie and while it was a little predictable, their scenes together were strong and emotional. There are some unresolved conflicts between the two, which I am sure we will discover soon just what has happened exactly. Ryu-Jin also has some interest in her and since she needs to have him as a lead, I can imagine this is where the story will take us next.

All four men in Ae-Jeong’s life are very different and they will of course come to blows at some point. As with many Korean dramas, Was It Love? has done a good job so far at developing the characters with enough mystery and intrigue to keep us guessing through to the next episode.

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