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Recreating Memories

Was It Love has not really been the most consistent drama when it comes to its story development. Thankfully, the last few episodes have managed to redeem the show a little as we were given some thrilling and emotional scenes. The series definitely had potential though and it’s a shame it wasn’t fully utilized throughout. As a result, Was It Love will certainly fail to reach the list for best Korean dramas.

Episode 15 of Was It Love starts with the doctor and everyone arriving in Dae-Oh’s room after the kiss. Hyang-Ja thinks Dae-Oh has a fever which embarrasses him and Ae-Jeong. The doctor seems to know why he is blushing and reassures everyone that he is doing fine. In the hallway, Ha-Nee tells Yeon-Woo that she has noticed that her mother looks happier than before.

Suddenly Boo-Hye arrives, very angry about Ae-Jeong and her behaviour. Hyang-Jae overhears and confronts the woman about her claim. Boo-Hye explains that her son comes from a prestigious family which prompts Hyang-Jae to tell her that he has been very kind and considers him as family. As he walks off, Yeon-Woo tells his mother that he is not happy that she doesn’t like Ae-Jeong. He explains that she was the one who supported him in the past so he wanted to be here for her now.

In a flashback, we see Yeon-Woo arriving in Ae-Jeong’s house and overhearing an argument between Ae-Jeong and her mother surrounding keeping the baby. She stormed out and Yeon-Woo followed her. He told her that he overheard the conversation and offered his help. Ae-Jeong replied that he heard wrong and to never come back again. As we cut back to the present, Yeon-Woo thanks Hyang-Jae for treating him like a member of the family but that he has decided to move out.

Back in the hospital, Dae-Oh promises Ae-Jeong that he is going to be patient and work hard for Ha-Nee’s approval. Pa-Do meanwhile shows Dong-Chan a picture of his mother. He apologises for not protecting her and tells him that she thought about his safety until the last minute. Dong-Chan takes Pa-Do’s hand and thanks him for keeping him safe and for being his father.

On their way to a photo shoot, A-Rin announces to Ryu-Jin that she has decided to carry on with the movie. After the shoot, Ryu-Jin comes face to face with Ms Song who is surprised to see her ex-client so unfazed by the latest events. She then threatens to find something more shocking on him.

A-Rin arrives with her agent and confronts Ms Song about the trouble she caused for them and the movie. Ms Song defends herself and tells A-Rin that there are rumours about her age and name circling. Ryu-Jin then comes to her rescue by telling his ex-manager that A-Rin is hardworking and tenacious but also that he has heard that she has hit rock bottom since he left her.

At school, Ha-nee catches up with Dong-Chan and speaks to him about the nightmares she has been having. Dong-Chan apologises for what has happened as he feels responsible. Ha-Nee tells him it is not his fault so Dong-Chan shows her a picture of his mother which shocks her as she looks identical to her own. Suddenly, the bullies arrive to tease Ha-Nee.

This time though Dong-Chan defends her and claims that his father will come for them. Pa-Do arrives and takes them all for dinner and teaches the bully an important lesson; words can sometimes hurt more than a weapon and can truly breaks someone’s hearts. This seems to work as Chan-yeong thanks Dong-Chan.

In hospital, Ha-Nee arrives and sees her parents joking around. She asks Dae-Oh for a meeting and gives him a checklist. If he answers yes to all of them, she will give him a chance to be Ae-Jeong’s husband as she feels she doesn’t need a father. Ha-Nee then walks out with her mother and tells her that she wants her to live her life as she has seen how much happier she is with Dae-Oh. She wants her mother to enjoy her life and is willing to give Dae-Oh a chance as her husband.

When both head home, they find Yeon-Woo packing his things away. Ae-Jeong sits with him outside and thanks him for his help now and in the past. In her room, she finally reads his letter where he thanked her for all her support and admitted to liking her.

In the evening, Ms Song and Reporter Na spy on Mr Wang as he gets beaten up by gangsters. After the thugs leave, reporter Na walks towards the man and blackmails him for the embezzling he has been doing. Mr Wang reveals that Dae-Oh is the father of Ha-Nee which leaves Ms Song thinking about what her next steps should be.

Meanwhile, A-Rin visits Dae-Oh in hospital to see how he is. He is happy she is still doing the movie so she tells him she is not doing it because of her feelings for him. As she starts getting annoyed, he remembers her words from the past and finally realizes who she is.

At home, Ae-Jeong receives a gift with cosmetics from Dae-Oh for their date the next day. In the morning, he takes her to the college they both went to. This makes her very emotional and they spend a touching day reliving their memories as students and taking a lot of pictures.

At the same time, Ha-Nee tells Dong-Chan that her search for her father is over bur she is not sure Dae-Oh will be her dad due to the complication of the whole situation. Dong-Chan then wonders if the author wrote any books on Ae-Jeong which prompts Ha-Nee to go on a forum about him. There, she finds someone claiming that his book “Love is Nonexistent” is fake.

The episode ends with Dae-Oh taking Ae-Jeong for a viewing of the movie they made in the past. He tells her that has been wanting to show her this since he started having feelings for her again and wants to be there for her and Ha-Nee. He also declares that she is his first love and wants her to be his last.

The Episode Review

With just the finale to go, there still seems to be one obstacle remaining in the way of Ae-Jeong’s happiness. Ms Song hasn’t played her last card as she is preparing to get her revenge. For now, Ae-Jeong and Dae-Oh spend a lovely first date in their old college and it really was heartwarming to see.

Ha-Nee has had one of the best character journeys of the show as we watched the girl evolve and mature across the episodes. Her scenes with her mother were touching and she sometimes showed a lot of maturity for her age. Um Chae-Young did a great job with her role and I am looking forward to see her in different projects.

Was It Love will not be the strongest K-drama this year but it is not an outright bad one either. It could have done with better writing midway through but thankfully picked up a little towards the last few episodes. The finale should hopefully bring a decent conclusion for our characters and a well deserved happy ending!


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