Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap and Review

A New Hero

The latest episode of Was It Love has certainly stepped up its game with a faster episode. In doing so, it’s also changed its genre by adding some thrilling and suspenseful elements to its story. It’s a shame that the series hasn’t taken this direction a little sooner when the story came to a stand still earlier on.

Episode 14 of Was It Love? starts with a flashback showing us Pa-Do at a funeral where we also see Tan Zi Yi and Dong-Chan as a baby. After, she hides the baby in a wardrobe and is confronted by her late husband’s brother (Dong Chan’s uncle). He menacingly asks why she’s packing her bag and is she planning to contact the police. Suddenly, both grab their guns and point them at each other.

Unfortunately, the man fires and Tan Zi Yi falls to the floor. Pa-Do arrived soon after and Tan Zi Yi made him promise to look after her son.

Back in the present, we cut to Ae-Jeong, Ha-Nee and Dong Chan who are kept locked up in a room. The gangsters and Dong Chan’s uncle enter which prompts Ae-Jeong to demand they let them go. When Dong-Chan sees the man, he has a flashback of the day his mother dies and starts having a panic attack.

Meanwhile, Pa-Do speaks to Yeon Woo and Dae-Oh about the situation. He asks them for one hour before calling the police. If they don’t hear from him after that time, they can get help and he will text them an address. Both men are desperate to do something though but Pa-Do insists; doing something rash could put everyone in danger. Given he’s had to wait 14 years to find them, he decides to follow Pa-Do.

We then cut to A-Rin and a flashback where she met Dae-Oh by chance after partying and found out that he was leaving. When she realizes it was because of Ae-Jeong, she got upset and promised to one day transform into a beautiful butterfly. If he doesn’t like her then, she will do everything she can to ruin him.

In the present, A-Rin announces in an interview that she has decided to drop out of the movie. Ryu-Jin rushes after her and confronts her about her decision. She asks him if it is for Ae-Jeong or Dae-Oh and tells him she won’t do it.

Back in the gangster hideout, Ae-Jeong and Ha-Nee try to comfort Dong-Chan who worries that they are all here because of him. At the same time, Pa-Do makes his way there too. He then realizes that what Dong-Chan’s uncle wants is a memory card hidden inside the lighter Tan Zi Yi gave before she died.

HE arrives in the hideout and gives the sim card to the uncle. He then demands that he let his captives go in exchange. The uncle tells him that for everyone to carry on believing he killed Tan Zi Yi, he needs to keep Dong-Chan too. This angers Pa-Do who starts fighting the men off. Unfortunately, Ae-Jeong gets hurt in the brawl and falls to the floor unconscious.

The men take Dong-Chan away but thankfully, Pa-Do manages to hide a phone on him.

Before leaving, the gangsters cut off a gas pipe and place a lighter in a microwave which spells big trouble for our characters. At the same time, Dae-Oh arrives and eventually manages to break the door down, freeing everyone. Just as they step out though, Ha-Nee realizes she forgot something and rushes back inside. Dae-Oh scrambles after her. As they reach the room they were locked in, the lighter in the microwave creates an explosion and Dae-Oh sacrifices himself by shielding Ha-Nee with his body.

Meanwhile, Pa-Do is speeding to his son’s location and finds him with the gangsters about to board a boat. He fights them off and saves his son.

We then cut to the hospital where we see that Dae-Oh is in a critical state. Ha-Nee sits by her mother’s bedside. She tells her that she has now realised that Dae-Oh couldn’t have abandoned her after he risked his life. Ae-Jeong wakes up and the two have a tearful hug.

After finding out that Dae-Oh is in intensive care unit, she decides to visit him. She sits by his bed and remembers what he said about wanting to give her everything he can and support her and Ha-Nee. She then comes face to face with A-Rin who tells her she is dropping out of the movie.

Ae-Jeong asks her to give her some time but A-Rin reveals that she has known Dae-Oh for 14 years and that he was her first love. She also tells her that he never returned her love as he has only room in his heart for her.

In the hallway, A-Rin meets Ryu-Jin and finally reveals to him who she really is and her feelings for Dae-Oh. She despairs about the situation and wonders why she is unlikable and why her love is always one sided. Ryu-Jin listens to his words silently and seems to understand how she feels, as he has been going through the same thing.

Ae-Jeong returns to Dae-Oh’s bedside and listens to a voicemail he left her, telling her how worried he is and how he wishes he could change the past. He wants to go back to their last anniversary and give her the present he planned to give her.

We then see a montage of what their life could have been. Ae-Jeong starts crying and asks him to wake up as she wants to do all the things he mentioned on the voicemail. She asks him not to leave her and Ha-Nee alone anymore.

Thankfully, Dae-Oh does wake up and ask if she really meant what she said. Ae-Jeong replies that she did and that she was really worried. As she kneels down, Dae-Oh whispers that he loves her and kisses the girl, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

What a dramatic episode for our characters! It is a shame it took such a life threatening situation for Ae-Jeong and Ha-Nee to realise how sincere Dae-Oh has been. I guess sometimes people realise how they feel when they are about to lose someone. It definitely was a very tense episode but it did feel a little out of place as the tone of the series up until now has felt very different.

With just two episodes left, it will be interesting to see how the drama wraps things up and if all its characters will receive a decent and satisfying conclusion.

Despite this thrilling episode, Was It Love is certainly not a Korean drama to remember which is a real shame as this one definitely had some potential.


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