Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap and Review

The Kidnapping

As expected, the identity of Ha-Nee’s father has caused more drama for Ae-Jeong and her daughter. The story continues advancing at a decent speed now as we are nearing the conclusion of this series which ends this chapter with a big cliffhanger.

Episode 13 of Was It Love? starts in the past with Ha-Nee receiving a homework assignment involving writing down the different traits she has inherited from her parents. As she noticed certain traits she doesn’t share with her mother, she started wondering what her father looked like.

We then cut back to where we left off with Dae-Oh revealing to everyone in the room that he is Ha-Nee’s father.

After leaving the admin office, Ha-Nee speaks to Dae-Oh, thinking that he is pretending to be her dad to help them out. As she walks away, Ae-Jeong runs after her and wants to explain everything. Ha-Nee then realizes this is true and confronts her mother about this.

She had plenty of chances to tell her the truth. She then turns to Dae-Oh and also berates him for not coming forward up until now. Ae-Jeong tries to reason with her daughter but in vain as the girl walks off.

Walking home, Ae-Jeong angrily asks Dae-Oh why he blurted out the truth to Ha-Nee. He replies that he couldn’t just stand there while both were being treated badly.

In the past, she may have dreamed that he would come and swoop in but after those 14 years she has erased him from her memory. Now, this is her mess to fix as she is the one who didn’t tell Ha-Nee the truth.

Meanwhile, Pa-Do finds his son writing about who his mother could be. Dong-Chan asks his father why he has a picture of Ha-Nee’s mum in his room. Unfortunately, he is not able to answer as he gets called away by his assistant.

At the same time, Ryu-Jin decides to take Ha-Nee to the university her mother, himself and Dae-Oh went to. He shows her around the place and tells her all about her mother and how she met and fell in love with Dae-Oh.

As Ha-Nee imagines her mother in the campus, Ryu-Jin explains that she shared a genuine love with Dae-Oh who never abandoned her as he still likes her now.

Back home, Ae-Jeong is worried about Ha-Nee who hasn’t come home yet. Thankfully, she receives a text from Ryu-Jin, telling her that she has been with him and is bringing her home. When Ryu arrives, Ae-Jeong thanks him and apologises about everything that has happened with the article.

Inside, Ae-Jeong apologises to her daughter and wants to tell her everything she wants to know. Ha-Nee asks if she regrets having her. Her mother of course replies that she doesn’t and that she is the best work she has ever created.

In the evening, Pa-Do arrives in an empty Chinese restaurant and receives a threatening phone call from someone before seeing a strange van driving off.

The next morning, Dae-Oh texts Ae-Jeong showing her that he has organised to have a food truck for Ha-Nee’s sport event and also bought her new trainers. This doesn’t seem to please her though as she rushes outside her house to meet with him.

Meanwhile, A-Rin asks Ryu-Jin if Ha-Nee is Dae-Oh’s daughter. Ryu realizes that she knows Dae-Oh’s real name, which means that she has known him for a while. Therefore the rumours about her age and name being fake must be true.

In a flashback to 2006, we see Yeon-Woo and his mother clashing over Ae-Jeong. She was already trying to control his life as Yeon-Woo accuses her of trying to make her disappear.

In the present, A-Rin calls Bo-Hye as she wants to cause trouble for Ae-Jeong. Bo-Hye agrees to it but tells her to make sure she does it properly.

Ae-Jeong arrives at the school and asks Dae-Oh what he is doing as it is going to confuse Ha-Nee. Dae-Oh replies that he is also doing it for the other students but asks her to cut him some slack as he hasn’t been able to do anything for her for the last 14 years.

She insists that it is their business and she doesn’t want to rely on him. However, he explains that she doesn’t have to do everything herself and wants to give his support. Ha-Nee arrives and is not happy to see Dae-Oh there. She walks off with her mother in tow.

Pa-Do is on his way to the school with Dong-Chan who tells his father he is getting fed up with all his lies and wonders if he is even his real father. He walks out of the car and comes face to face with Ha-Nee and Ae-Jeong. S

Suddenly a grey van pulls out and kidnaps the trio. Pa-Do arrives in the street soon after and recognizes the van he saw the night before. He then gets a call from the same strange man who gives him a final warning: he has one hour to bring the object or he will lose his son, Ae-Jeong and Ha-Nee.

Pa-Do starts running after the van which happens to drive in front of the school where Dae-Oh is trying to call Ae-Jeong. The latter finds her phone on the floor then runs after Pa-Do and asks him what is happening. Yeon-Woo runs after them too and asks the same thing as the episode closes.

The Episode Review

I can’t help but feel sorry for Dae-Oh, who is not a bad person really and had no idea he had a daughter up until recently. He is now trying to help and support Ae-Jeong and Ha-Nee but is not getting anywhere yet.

It is understandable that because of Ae-Jeong’s suffering, she’s built up walls to protect herself. Hopefully, she will tell Ha-Nee that her father only just found out too and both will give him a chance.

The secret surrounding Pa-Do’s mysterious woman is quite interesting but it could have been developed a little more. We should find out very soon just what happened to him and who Tan Zi Yi really is, especially after the cliffhanger ending.

Was It Love hasn’t been the strongest drama this year, however the last few episodes have picked up the pace. I’m really hoping the next three will bring a decent ending for all our characters.

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