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Episode 12 of Was It Love brings some much-needed development for our characters. The pace quickens and the story is moving forward more than we have seen in the last few weeks. The latest cliffhanger promises to bring interesting drama next week too.

The episode begins with a flashback showing Dae-Oh returning to his parents and finding his father drunk. We then see him quitting college and working hard but distancing himself from Ae-Jeong.

We then cut back to when the last episode left off as everyone finds out about the article revealing that Ryu-Jin is Ha-Nee’s father. Ae-Jeong shows up at Ha-Nee’s school and finds her walking out. Ha-Nee confronts her mother about who her father is and walks away frustrated as no one is telling her the truth. She believes she grew up to be the most miserable and pitiful 14 year old girl.

A devastated Ha-Nee cries by herself but is soon found by Dae-Oh who tries cheering her up and making her laugh. She tells him that she just wants honesty from the people around her but also that she is fed up with hearing the word “dad”. Dae-Oh apologises to Ha-Nee which surprises her. She then walks away and thanks him for offering some comfort.

In his office, Ryu-Jin tells his manager that he is not the father of Ha-Nee. Suddenly, Ae-Jeong bursts in the office furious and asking why he leaked this false statement to the press. This prompts him to rush over to Ms Song’s office and confront her about her betrayal.

She brushes him away though and tells him that he only has himself to blame since he is the one who thought he fathered a child.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Woo visits his mother and begs her to do something to fix the article. In exchange, he will do anything, even move back in with her. She asks him if he really likes her that much which leads on to a flashback of 2005.

Here, Yeon-Woo got badly injured while playing basketball. Later in hospital, Ae-Jeong came to visit him and tried cheering him on as he was devastated because his injury. Ae-Jeong believed in him despite this and left a message saying he was talented and could be a great teacher.

In the evening, Ae-Jeong takes Ha-Nee out to eat and the two have a nice chat together. Ha-Nee then apologises about how she has been acting and the things she has been saying. She tells her mother she hasn’t done anything wrong and reveals that she is the one who started digging around after finding her old phone in the attic. Ae-Jeong tries telling her again that Ryu-Jin is not her father but Ha-Nee keeps interrupting.

The next day, a determined Ae-Jeong organises a meeting with Pa-Do, Ryu-Jin and Dae-Oh to discuss the latest event which is affecting everyone. They hatch a plan which involves getting the news website to have all their adverts removed.

Once this happens, the reporter Mr Na will think Ms Song is behind it as he will believe she broke their deal. As we see the events happen, their next step is to bring Mr Wang in, acting as a fake advertiser, who will record what the reporter has to say about the article and Ms Song.

Afterwards, Dae-Oh arrives in Mr Na’s office and uses the recording Wang managed to get, revealing the truth. He then blackmails him to write another article, explaining what really happened. Ae-Jeong later visits Ms Song and confronts her about her actions. She grabs her arm and tells her to check the article again.

Back at school, some of the students give Ha-Nee a hard time now that the truth is out. They ask her if she even knows who her real father is. Just as she is about to punch the bully, Dong-Chan throws his drink at him and a fight breaks out between everyone.

At the same time, Ae-Jeong watches a conference where Ryu-Jin claims that he will take legal action. Her legs give away under her after all that stress and Dae-Oh comes to make sure she is okay. She then receives a call from the school and rushes over.

When she arrives in the school’s office, the bully’s parents blame Ha-Nee and Ae-Jeong too. Ha-Nee lunges forward to defend her mother but is stopped by Mr Jang who grabs her arm. However, they are soon interrupted by Dae-Oh who tells him to let Ha-Nee go. The episode ends with Mr Jang asking who he is and Dae-Oh revealing that he is Ha-Nee’s father.

The Episode Review

What an emotional ending! Poor Ha-Nee and Ae-Jeong get more grief from the bully’s parents but thankfully this time, Dae-Oh is there to save the day.

His revelation will come as a shock to Ha-Nee and I am not sure how Ae-Jeong will react as I can imagine she wanted to be the one telling Ha-Nee the truth.

This latest chapter has been an improvement to the past few weeks as we also see what led Yeon-Woo to fall for Ae-Jeong. This also brings about the demise of the manipulative Ms Song. Now that everyone knows who the father is, it will be interesting to see everyone’s reaction and just how Dae-Oh will fit into Ha-Nee’s life.

For now though, Was It Love delivers one of its better episodes in recent weeks and certainly leaves the door open for the future drama to come.

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