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The Truth

The latest episode of  Was It Love finally brings us the identity of Ha-Nee’s father but with this truth, comes more drama. The story is finally making some progress after a few slower episodes but our characters are not out of the woods yet. The ending brings yet another problem with Ms Song leaking the fake news about Ryu-Jin.

Episode 11 of  Was It Love begins with Dae-Oh asking Ae-Jeong if he is the father as he knows her husband is not dead. As Hyang-Ja starts confronting Dae-Oh, Ae-Jeong steps in and tells them nothing is going to change with whoever the father is. He wants to make sure Ha-Nee doesn’t find out anything about it.

We then see a flashback of Ae-Jeong looking for an abortion clinic. Her mother came to her room and she quickly hid what she was looking at. She later tried contacting Dae-Oh but his phone was disconnected so she sent him a text to meet up.

Back in the present, Dae-Oh confronts Ryu-Jin, asking him why he was there. The latter replies that he wanted to do what is right for Ae-Jeong. Ha-Nee then accuses him of not being there for her for 14 years. This angers Dae-Oh who punches him. Ryu-Jin reveals how heartbroken Ae-Jeong was all these years ago after she saw him with another woman.

Ryu-Jin returns to Ms Song and sees the results of the DNA test, which reveals that he is not the father. She mentions what he gave up and the mistakes he made then suggests that they get back to working together again. Ryu-Jin tells her not to provoke him anymore and that he is still determined to be there for Ae-Jeong and her daughter.

In the evening, Ae-Jeong meets with Dae-Oh in the park and reveals that he is the father. She tells him that she found out the day they had a big fight. She then visited his house the next day to tell him but found a woman there, which made her decide to raise the baby alone. Dae-Oh is shocked and upset that she never gave him a chance. She tells him that she text him forgiveness but he never replied. Dae-Oh denies ever receiving it and confronts her about leaving Ha-Nee in the dark.

The next day, Ae-Jeong visits Ryu-Jin and mentions the conversation she had with Dae-Oh. Ryu-Jin admits that he is the one who deleted it because he always liked her. He tries to apologies and tells her he wants to be the one looking after her and Ha-Nee. However, she doesn’t want anyone to look after them.

Dae-Oh heads to Ha-Nee’s school where Yeon-Woo tells him to think carefully about what he is doing. He then follows Ha-Nee as she walks from school to her house, watching her from afar. At the same time, Pa-Do receives a text showing a picture of Ae-Jeong, saying that his weakness has remained the same.

Pa-Do rushes to find the woman with his men and stops the person who has been following her. Surprisingly, it turns out to be Mr Wang. After bringing him back to the office, Ae-Jeong confronts Wang about leaving and everything that has happened to her so far.

Meanwhile, Dae-Oh has a heart to heart with Ae-Jeong’s mother regarding his feelings for her daughter. He regrets not having been able to protect her or Ha-Nee, and reveals how much he loved her. The mother explains that she has always felt sad for Ae-Jeong too as her father died when she was little. Dae-Oh then heads to a bookstore and starts ripping the pages out of all his books, stating that it is all lies.

In the evening, Ah-Rin visits Ryu-Jin and talks to him about her feelings for Dae-Oh. In a flashback, we see a drunk Ah-Rin barging into Dae-Oh’s place. She eventually tries kissing him but he quickly stops her. This is the same kiss Ae-Jeong saw when she was watching from outside. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that Dae-Oh rejected her.

Back home, Ae-Jeong has a heart to heart with her mother who feels sorry for how Ae-Jeong has had to work so far. The latter starts crying as she worries about Ha-Nee getting hurt.

The next day, Ae-Jeong meets with Dae-Oh who finally comes clean to her about his past. His father was the victim of a big scam. His mother collapsed and he was left to take care of everything. He couldn’t tell her as he was scared she would leave him.

Ae-Jeong is upset that he didn’t tell her but replies that he wanted to carry the burden himself. He now regrets it as he realizes how much she had to do alone, including giving birth to Ha-Nee. He asks for one last chance but Ae-Jeong explains that they have too many painful memories. For Ha-Nee’s sake, she asks him to stop seeing each other.

As she leaves the restaurant, Ae-Jeong sees that someone has leaked the news that Ryu-Jin has a middle-school child. It seems that Ms Song is the one who has released the news and unfortunately, this reaches Ha-Nee’s school. The girl walks out very upset as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Poor Ae-Jeong and Dae-Oh are really the victims of some sad twists of fate in their story. Both really loved each other but because of Ryu-Jin’s love and some misinterpretations, they were separated for 14 years. It is a shame that neither tried to reach to the other sooner. However, after all these years it will be difficult for the couple to bridge that gap.

At the same time, now that Dae-Oh knows that he has a daughter, it will be difficult for him to stay in the shadows.

I hope the characters will get a happy ending, especially poor Ha-Nee who is desperate to know the truth and have some stability in her life. However, the latest scandal surrounding Ryu-Jin will prove to be difficult for her at school. Thankfully, she has the support of her mother and grandmother.

The series so far hasn’t been one of the strongest, with lots of dragged out segments lacking compelling drama. Thankfully, it looks like we’re finally getting somewhere now.

The acting remains very good throughout though and the chemistry between all three women is probably the highlight of the series. This helps give the show a lighthearted touch.


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