Wars – Almost Nothing Nearly Everything | EP Review

Track Listing

I’m With You 
Feel It All 


Wars display a mix of highly adept instrumental muscle and thought-provoking lyricism on this 4 song EP. The act doesn’t just partake in fuelling the wisdom; they bask in the workings of their sound properly, with assertiveness and honesty. 

From the beginning of this EP, Wars nail the sound intricately, pushing it to the limits, crashing into the middle of it and then tweaking when they need to. Every drop of sweat is counted here, the balance is correct, and those words dig deep. 

Lyrically, the band want to send shockwaves. They want the fans to hear what they’re thinking. What the band feels is agony, mental imbalance, madness, and their dreams being pulverized. This is dark, though they do climb out of the trenches to feel the fresh air hit their lungs and the sun beaming on their faces. 

‘Satellite’ starts the record off in fine style. The song progresses from subtle vocals into a blast of rock and metal. The screams add intensity and it’s a courageous opening. 

‘I’m With You’ is a poppy song, though the band doesn’t throw away any venom. The chorus really makes this song tick. It enchants and also shows the band’s innovative writing skills. 

‘Low’ properly comes in with harsh intentions. The guitar sound here is majestic, and the rush keeps on giving. It’s a fast track, one that hasn’t much let-up, and the chorus bursts in like an explosion. 

Wars echo their feelings fully on this release, channeling their aggression while setting the standard. 

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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