Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 7 “Psalms 116:15” Recap & Review

Psalms 116:15

Episode 7 of Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with us right in the thick of action. Lilith and Ava end up fighting, with the final plague – a sun that burns all non-believers – serving as a particularly horrific obstacle to overcome. Unfortunately the fight ends badly for our heroine, with Ava stabbed through the chest.

Lilith encourages her to join Adriel and come willingly. When she refuses, Lilith decides to force her, determined to pull her Halo out herself. Thankfully, Ava uses a Morningstar to surprise her and buys some precious time. When she returns to the lab, she finds Mother Superion has died.

She lies with Superion and begins sobbing. As she does, the Halo begins shining and Ava inexplicably brings Mother Superion back. Superion deduces it’s because she was a former Halo-bearer and that the spell was reaching out to her. However, there are other casualties in this fight. Camilla and Yasmine have also fallen, apparently. Beatrice has lost her faith and decides they need to get back to hiding and keep the halo away from Adriel no matter what.

However, these nuns aren’t actually dead. Camilla is being held prisoner with a hot guy called Todd she’s taken a liking to. So naturally, they get chatting until Todd fights against their captors and is taken away. Unfortunately, when he returns he’s under Adriel’s command, having seen the “true path of enlightenment”. Thankfully, Yasmine bursts in and saves the day, knocking him out. It turns out she’s been hiding in the cathedral this whole time and has been biding her time to help.

Miguel speaks to Ava and apologizes for the failed plan. He knows the only solution is to detonate this bomb and follow through with Reya’s plan. Ava is determined to try and find another way, and ironically ends up in the presence of Vincent while they’re out looking at graffiti. Although he took the Crown last episode, he actually did so not for Adriel’s purpose but for Ava’s. He hands it over to her, giving them a glimmer of hope to stop Adriel. “Just because a man can create miracles, that doesn’t make him God.”

With Vincent aligning himself back to Ava’s side, he admits that he’s betrayed everything he once knew and loved, and now he’s completely broken. The only ember of hope is Ava and with the Crown of Thorns serving as the key to everything, Vincent shows off his Divinium Tattoos, which happen to be the gateway to communicating with Adriel. Ava touches his arms and tries to communicate through, uttering “salvation” and realizing Vincent speaks the truth. Adriel is definitely afraid of the Crown of Thorns.

With all paths leading to the cathedral, Ava believes that embracing death could be the path to enlightenment, and as such decides to wear the Crown of Thorns herself and step back into this shadowy realm she entered earlier in the series.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of Warrior Nun sees all paths lead to the the Cathedral where our Order are going to have to work together to thwart Adriel before it’s too late. The arc seems to be a big part in all of this and it’ll be interesting to see what Ava’s journey into the unknown will bring for her future.

Vincent’s character has flip-flopped between the two sides for much of this series too and it would seem that now he’s well and truly working with Ava. I’d imagine the solution here will still fall to Michael sacrificing himself in order to stop Adriel from taking over the world but we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, everything is left hanging in the balance for the final episode.

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