Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 6 “Isaiah 40:31” Recap & Review

Isaiah 40:31

Episode 6 of Warrior Nun Season 2 starts in the past with a big revelation. It turns out Mother Superion actually bore the Halo herself for three months before it was passed on. Arrogant and over-confident, she ignored her fellow sister and head in to save a bunch of hostages, using the Halo to make swift work of the soldiers standing in her way.

After draining her Halo too much, her brash attitude led to one of the hostages being killed. As a result, Superion – overcome with grief and guilt – lost her Halo as it rejected her.

Superion tells Ava all of this in a bid to make sure she doesn’t succumb to the same foolish mistakes she did. The group intend to strike back and hit Adriel where it hurts, and that includes showing up at a Cathedral he’s due to give a televised address at the following morning at 9am. Ava believes they should have a multipoint strike team in position. But we know Adriel is going to debut his angel, which of course happens to be Lilith.

There’s also the subject of the Arc here too, which appears to be connected to the endgame. It can’t be that he’s trying to return, given he was banished over 1000 years ago, but it could be that he’s trying to bring something through to our realm. It would make sense, and that sparks Miguel into action. He speaks to Ava in confidence, pointing out that nothing of this realm can defeat Adriel.

Miguel admits that Reya has sent him through with an explosive device packed with enough Divinium to help overwhelm Adriel’s ability to heal. It’s his destiny to deliver that bomb and essentially serve as a suicide bomber. Ava’s role means she needs to use the Crown to immobilize Adriel so he can make this happen. The thing is, Miguel is actually the bomb and there’s no way they can detonate it remotely.

Camila reaches out to Adriel, who tries to encourage her to join him. Camila reassures him that communication is two-fold and as a result, she intends to try and use that to get the jump on him. Adriel scoffs at this and soon leaves, returning to Vincent who asks him for some guidance.

Adriel likens himself to God, pointing out that he’s intent on trying to to make a difference. Vincent is conflicted over his methods, but Adriel bites back and claims it’s necessary. After all, humanity only responds to two things – fear and money. Through this, Adriel intends to guide humanity back to a new era of peace and tranquility. However, Vincent is clearly starting to have doubts.

The next day, Mother Superion briefs the Order, telling them this is not going to be easy. If they’re successful in their endeavour, it could well be that humanity look at them as heretics and hate them forever. Their actions could change everything – including the very fabric of belief. Ava though has the lowdown on exactly what’s going to happen.

When Adriel arrives before his followers for the broadcast, Yasmine will enter with her press credentials while the others will disguise themselves and head in a side entrance. Beatrice – having earlier called in reinforcements to help beef up their forces – will connect with a group of disguised Samaritans.

While this is going on, Camila will break into the server room and connect with Jillian, while Ava will plant a signal relay on the cathedral roof allowing Jillian to hack into Arq-Tech’s plague generators. In doing so, this will allow Duretti to step up and expose Adriel as a fraud before everyone.

When he’s annoyed, Camila will serve as a distraction, Ava will place the Crown on his head, bundle him into a box and throw him through the Ac and detonate it so he’s stuck in that other realm. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Right?…right? Well, there’s one problem. None of them have actually accounted for Lilith being there.

Still, the gang go ahead and start to enact their plan but Ava’s Halo continues to fail. I mean, she could just climb up the roof or at least perch above the button inputs but alas, she doesn’t do that. Instead, she finds herself slamming into the ground and confronted by a dark shadow standing over her. It’s Lilith. The pair fight up on the balcony until the Halo inexplicably begins working again, allowing her to blast Lilith back and activate the buttons all the same.

Although the plan seems to be a success… there’s a problem. They have no control over the system and it seems like all of this was just a ploy to grow Adriel’s influence. Ava descends while all hell breaks loose, attempting to place the crown on Adriel’s head… and failing.

Miguel shows up and stabs Adriel but Vincent manages to take the Crown and leave, throwing the whole plan into disarray. While all this is going on, Adriel shrugs off the cut plaguing his neck and bests Miguel, while the priests show up and attempt to take the Arc by force. They’re unsuccessful, naturally, as Mother Superion manages to stop them all.

There are more coming but the detonator has been destroyed. The only solution is to set off the charges by hand… but it’s too late. Superion is shot dead just before she sets it off by hand. Jillian is stuck on the other side of bulletproof glass, forced to watch as this nun is killed. At the same time, Adriel looks up at the heavens, grinning maniacally, “Reya. Missed me again.” He says gleefully.

The Episode Review

Warrior Nun’s latest episode sees this convoluted plan go awry, which seemed obvious from the moment it was conceptualized. The plan relies on a lot of moving parts all coming together at the right moment, not to mention hoping that Adriel doesn’t look up. As it turns out Vincent and Lilith were the deciding factors in this and as a result, Ava comes up short. Again.

Mother Superion’s death was perhaps orchestrated very early on in this episode, given how it started, but there’s still a bittersweet tinge to this, given how instrumental she’s been in preparing these girls for the fight to come.

Either way though, everything here is left hanging in the balance, and big question marks surround exactly what’s going to happen next.

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2 thoughts on “Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 6 “Isaiah 40:31” Recap & Review”

  1. Agreed, quite disappointed with this episode because everything was so predictable. Huge “signals” about how everything was going to fall apart, the only thing that surprised me was Sister Dora so keen to see what happens there. Still love the series but the last three episodes in particular has been a struggle. Hey, it can only get better right but there’s a whole episode before the final one so more room for things to get worse, listen to Adriel blab on, watch Lilith who was my fave badass until she did what became obvious – a liberated zealot with cool powers, crazy zealots and hopefully an amazing last 10 minutes to make it all cool again……

  2. Why didn’t Julian keep the detonater behind the glass or set it off when the fbc came to grab it? As soon as Mother superior walked off with it I knew it would get destroyed! Julian should off destroyed it from behind the desk. Like come on now. A lot of the show makes no sense

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