Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 4 “Corinthians 10:20-21” Recap & Review

Corinthians 10:20-21

Episode 4 of Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with everyone leaving the museum. Vincent has a knocked-out Ava in his possession, and he carries her out and away, to an abandoned street. There, Ava wakes up. Vincent warns her that her final confrontation with Adriel is not going to go well. In fact, he deduces that it’s going to end in her death. “Put it off as long as you can.” He says, “I’ll pray for you.”

Vincent eventually leaves with the crown but mercifully leaves Ava. However, he’s blindsided by Miguel who shows up and begins fighting him. He easily takes out Vincent and leads Ava to safety. It turns out he was actually sent to help her from the other side, from Adriel’s realm. He can help stop Adriel but in order to do so, they need to get away from the police.

When a bunch of believers pass them on the bridge wearing gas masks, Ava believes this is the next plague and thinks they should follow them to find out what they may be hiding.

Although Miguel doesn’t think it’s a good idea, they eventually head through the fog but Miguel’s face momentarily turns into a demon. It seems this fog brings on hallucinations. Better make sure The Scarecrow isn’t lurking about! (Shout out to any Batman fans!)

Meanwhile, Lilith confronts Adriel, admitting she has nowhere else to go. She’s worried about the burns and scars up her arm, which Adriel takes a fascination to, believing she’s turning into something new. Quite what though, remains to be seen.

Mother Superion and the other Nuns bundle an incapacitated Vincent into the back of their car and outrun the police. Although they manage to do so, the cinema they pass happens to be on fire, meaning they’ve been compromised. And also that Morbius probably was showing and that’s the ensuing result. The only solution is for the nuns to Go into hiding but how do you hide from someone who is everywhere?

Jillian’s search for the truth eventually leads her back to Arq-Tech, where she notices, with horror, another of those crosses in the basement. Kristian is among those worshippers on the floor, but when Jillian questions him about his motives, he claims to be “completing her mission.” Jillian wants no part of this, despite actually opening the portal and releasing Adriel herself. Jillian is disillusioned by her colleague and eventually leaves, not willing to be one of Adriel’s worshippers.

The next plague seems to be making progress, with the fog growing thicker and people screaming and running in fear. Miguel and Ava pose as Adriel worshippers and end up at a church, where they notice another of those red demons rising up and possessing individuals. They’re shocked to see this, under the guise of Adriel “healing” them, as this explains Adriel’s army.

Miguel tells Ava to protect the crown before bursting forth his own demon, blue and ethereal, to blast out through the entire church. As all hell breaks loose, Ava jumps in alongside Beatrice, who appears too to help, prompting a really slickly choreographed fight sequence to ensue.

The camera tracks smoothly between the three but there’s too many and eventually they’re forced to retreat, especially when demons show up. Unfortunately, Ava’s Halo seems to be sporadically turning on and off, and while the fog moves in too, Miguel clutches his chest and believes he has just the place they can go to hide out… his world.

The Episode Review

That action scene at the end of the episode was really well done and easily the highlight of the whole season so far. This is also the episode that manages to imbue ripples of comedy and it actually works surprisingly well. It’s never overbearing or compromising on the stakes like Marvel movies do nowadays, and it works well to add a dash of levity to what’s otherwise been a  very serious and tense story.

It would appear now that Adriel is using Lilith for his own demonic purposes but twisting that as if she’s a force for good. At the same time, Ava’s power is starting to falter, which could also be tied into this.

Either way though, everything here looks set to kick off in a big way for the second half of this season and it should be quite the wild ride when it does!

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