Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 3 “Luke 8:17” Recap & Review

Luke 8:17

Episode 3 of Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with Ava and Beatrice arriving in Madrid. Despite the fate of the world on the line, Ava wants to go sightseeing. Of course, it takes a stern word from Beatrice to set her right.

They follow the signal – which is what they originally were there for – and end up in the same smashed up greenhouse Superion was in last episode. A not-so-subtle message on the floor comes in the form of an arrow, which in turn leads to two tickets to the movie theatre. Thankfully it’s not two tickets to see Morbius, which would be horrific unto itself, but they have their own problems to contend with. They leave the greenhouse and realize they’re being followed by 3 men.

Ava and Beatrice decide to try and lose them, heading down the side streets. However, Father Vincent is the one who gets the jump on them, tranquilizing Beatrice and confronting Ava. He brings up how Adriel is the real deal and suggests she should come quietly. Ava is not prepared to do that, naturally, but receives a swift punch to the nose for her troubles. But how? Well, Vincent has Divinium tattoos meaning there’s no way for her to phase through them. Regardless, Ava still comes out on top.

Scooping up Beatrice and reluctantly leaving Vincent in the alleyway, they arrive at the cinema where they find Camila and Superion. Ava meets Sister Yasmine too, who immediately realizes that Ava is the Warrior Nun. It turns out Yasmine knows exactly how to defeat Adriel.

According to Yasmine, Areala, the first Warrior Nun, used a specific weapon to trap Adriel all those years back. Yasmine actually knows what this weapon is – a Crown of Thorns. This Crown neutralizes divine beings. The reason the Romans placed the Crown on Jesus’ head to begin with was specifically to block his supernatural gifts. If they can get this on Adriel’s head, it would give them a big advantage.

Cora entrusted the Crown to an order of nuns in Egypt. The Order kept the Crown hidden for centuries until the Egyptian Civil War, where British soldiers looted the area and it was lost. A retired British soldier living in Spain could be the clue here, given a whole collection of antiques were found on his possession and subsequently moved to a museum. The Museo Nacional del Prado to be precise, which is the main Spanish national art museum. And it’s situated right in the middle of Madrid!

Cardinal Rossi is outed as a traitor and as such, Duretti decides to question him in the basement. He wants to know the secret of the plagues, and begins torturing him, using a medieval device to find the truth. Rossi soon caves, with the threat of death imminent and reveals that the plagues are actually being created by the Arq-Tech Corporation.

Lilith continues to seek help from Jillian, who suggests that Lilith head through the portal. Unfortunately, as soon as she does she’s spat back out again, rolling violently across the floor. Although Lilith was only gone for a few seconds, for the Sister, she was actually in there for hours, walking across the burning sand. Lilith admits she wasn’t welcome inside, given the burns all up her arms. Jillian wants Lilith to go back again but she’s having none of it and subsequently leaves.

The museum heist goes ahead and after finding the Crown, the nuns break in after-hours, taking out the lasers and allowing Ava to phase through the glass to touch the crown. However, it doesn’t seem to do anything, meaning it’s a decoy.

With less than 3 minutes until they need to leave, with the threat of the alarms being set off, Ava phases through more lasers and begins approaching the maiden from afar, which happens to be wearing the real crown of thorns in plain sight.

As soon as Ava activates it, Vincent shows up and puts the crown on her, diminishing Ava’s powers and carrying her away. At the same time, Lilith shows up to see Adriel, seemingly switching sides. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

Hold up. This whole museum heist could have been over in seconds in Ava had just phased through the ceiling above the Crown ala. The Wrong Trousers in Wallace and Gromit, right?

Although the group manage to find the Crown of Thorns, everything goes awry when Vincent shows up and the whole thing is one big trap. With Ava now captured and Adriel continuing to exert his dominance, it seems like our Nuns are up against the ropes. Will they manage to catch a second wind to fight back?

Through all of this, the series continues to develop Lilith and seeing her now by Adrien’s side is indicative of how lost she’s feeling and unsure which side to turn. The rest of the characters continue to be flung through this labyrinth of mystery and drama though, and it remains to be seen quite how everyone is going to come out of this in one piece

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  1. Where is Ava’s SWORD in these episodes? And why aren’t any of the OCS nuns utilizing ANY of their fantastic, demon-killing weapons??

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