Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 2 “Colossians 3:9-10” Recap & Review

Colossians 3:9-10

Episode 2 of Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with Lilith panting and breathing heavily. Stepping over all those lifeless bodies she made quick work of last time out, she prepares for the next wave of soldiers to arrive.

Meanwhile, Ava, Gabriel and Beatrice follow the suspicious car to the middle of the countryside where they erect a cross and begin chanting for Adriel. The four men are stuck in some sort of trance, which in turn seems to bring a whole swarm of locusts up into the air. Of course, this is one of the biblical plagues that Adriel seems to be conjuring, preparing for the end of everything.

Realizing they need to leave and regroup, the trio head back to town, where Ava reveals she’s an undercover tactical nun to Gabriel but he scoffs and doesn’t believe her. While stopping for gas, Beatrice suggests they continue to train and doesn’t like the idea of joining the Samaritans.

In Madrid, Mother Superion shows up at a greenhouse where a mysterious nun – none other than Yasmine Amunet – appears. She’s lit the signal and although she’s not part of the OCS, she has found something Superion needs to see. In the basement, a whole bunch of priests have been slaughtered. It’s part of that coordinated attack we saw Superion and Camila checking on the map last episode. So why is Yasmine there?

Apparently, Yasmine has waited her whole life for this but she’ll only reveal her true purpose to one person – the Warrior Nun herself. Camila has heard enough and tranquilizes the girl to move her to a more secure location.

Once there, Yasmine reluctantly tells them what’s going on. Her family have pledged to protect the world against Adriel’s return. They’re an adjunct operation of the OCS. They’ve managed to keep themselves a secret for a long time, with their Order created by a Warrior Nun called Cora. She’s been sworn since birth to keep the true purpose of the Warrior Nun secret until she herself is unveiled.

While Ava is working, Miguel heads in and claims he’s captured one of the attackers and they should interrogate him. Ava up and leaves her job immediately, while Beatrice is a little more sceptical. Either way, they’re both desperate to know more about the Firstborn Children’s Army. Ava needs to be careful though, especially if her identity is revealed.

The man they have captured is from Rome and an FBC soldier by the name of Matteo. it turns out he was actually there when Adriel rose and he immediately questions Ava to unveil the truth. Matteo easily breaks free from his binds and attacks, just in time for our Warrior Nun to show her true strength and use the Halo powers. She exorcises the demon possessing Matteo and, realizing that her cover is now blown, decides to leave.

Meanwhile, Adriel makes another spectacle, descending his plague of locusts down on a whole bunch of onlookers, only to obliterate them and walk across water; a ploy to expand his movement and become bolder. Of course, this makes him a big threat to the Cardinal. As a result, Duretti suggests they should learn everything they can about this angel before it’s too late.

Adriel shows up to see Duretti first, catching him off-guard and proposing a partnership between them. He believes they can unite the flock and make it so there’s only one religion out in the world. He throws this out under the guise of “salvation” but we know from history, with things like the Knights of Christ, that religion can be used as a weapon for terrible things.

With her secret outed, Ava and Beatrice realize they need to run. Beatrice is not happy with Ava’s nonchalant attitude and emotional demeanour, but Ava bites back, pointing out she never asked to come back from the dead and certainly didn’t want a halo jammed in her back. It’s a fair point to be honest and the pair calmly discuss their next move as a result.

An emergency broadcast comes in from the OCS over in Madrid though, complete with a special message. Just 4 words. “We have lost Mary.”

Unfortunately, Vincent is now working with Adriel and he too notices the signal come in. Adriel nonchalantly tells Vincent he should go and intercept them.

The Episode Review

With the forces now gathering and Adriel’s influence growing, the story itself does feel quite similar to American Jesus, a graphic novel released several years back. However, Warrior Nun has its own identity and certainly doesn’t feel like a rip-off, managing to blend bloody action with a story that flirts the line between religion, science and mystery. It’s a nice touch and this second season does a pretty decent job picking up where the first left off.

Sure, the characters still make some pretty silly decisions and it’s a bit contrived at times, on the whole this series has continued the good work done the first time out. Let’s hope that continues for the rest of the series!

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