Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 1 “Galatians 6:4-5” Recap & Review

Galatians 6:4-5

Episode 1 of Warrior Nun Season 2 wastes absolutely no time picking up where we left off. Here we go, showdown time! Well… no. Instead, we jump forward 2 months later. Ava is in Switzerland, laying low and working in a bar. Rumours are abound – even here – that Adriel is starting to grow in popularity and his angelic feats are making the rounds.

Beatrice is there too, and has been promoted up to manager. She’s concerned about the Adriel rumours and tells Ava to keep a cool head and to be discreet. Which she totally isn’t in the next scene when Ava pushes a man handing Adriel flyers out straight into a table, flying through the air in the process.

Ava blames herself, believing she let herself be manipulated by Vincent and determined to make this right. And that means not sitting on the sidelines twiddling her thumbs.

Other characters are spread out across Europe, with Camila in Spain having had dreams about Mary, who unfortunately fell in the last season.

In Portugal, Vincent has also been having dreams about Mary and he’s a bit of a state as he staggers about. That is, until he’s confronted by Lilith.

Finally, in the Vatican, Yasmine is granted an audience from Cardinal Duretti and the other priests as she speaks about an ancient order and their connection to Adriel. Duretti knows she’s getting too close to the truth and as a result, decides to up and leave. However, this is clearly the start of something big.

Meanwhile, the Arc continues to activate randomly every 6 hours. Jillian has tried sending drones through but they haven’t been returning. She’s also tried going in herself but to no avail, typified by the scars she sports up her arms. Jillian is desperate to try and get Michael back.

Kristian is concerned and heads back to see Duretti, suggesting they align their goals together – especially with an angel walking the Earth. Duretti and the others are skeptical but Kristian is adamant, especially as he’s in control of Arq-Tech now. Duretti eventually tells Kristian to leave, unwilling to even think about bargaining.

Mother Superion is worried that Adriel is going to strike and they need to be ready. She rings Duretti and tells him to be on alert, warning that something big is coming.

Meanwhile, Ava and Beatrice end up having a few drinks at the bar and eventually take out a whole bunch of guys in the street beating down Miguel. Miguel actually happens to be part of a group that are fighting Adriel. He’s received word of a secret meeting with Adriel’s followers and Ava decides to jump in head-first without knowing al the details.

As word gets in that there appears to be a coordinated attack on the OCS, Vincent leads Lilith into a trap, locking her into a prison and throwing a whole bunch of armed guards her way. Lilith makes swift work of them though, leaving a bloody line of destruction in her wake. “Vincent!” She screams, with blood staining her face.

The Episode Review

Warrior Nun was one of the bigger surprises when it dropped back in 2020. It quickly rose up the Netflix charts and delivered a surprising blend of action, drama and twists. This second season annoyingly jumps forward, away from that big cliffhanger, to instead show that Mary is dead (but is she really? I’m doubting it!) and all our characters off at different places across Europe.

Ava and Beatrice teaming up with Miguel feels like it could backfire, while Father Vincent inevitably leads Lilith into a trap. However, the fact that the OCS appears to have been wiped out is an interesting development, while Adriel’s influence continues to grow. With a very quick pace and lots going on, the rest of the season should be quite the intriguing watch.

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