Warrior – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Settling Scores

Warrior returns with another episode, picking up right where it left off with the carnage about to consume Chinatown. The Hop Wei and Long Zii fight and it’s every bit as brutal as predicted. Blood is spilled on both sides of the conflict and as the fight dies down, O’Hara arrives in the aftermath and bemoans the arrival of the politicians, who take advantage of the chaos and rally for justice nationwide to come down on the Chinese migrants. O’Hara suspects something is afoul rather than a simple gang fight but keeps quiet, eyeing the Chinese suspiciously.

With Mai Ling taking control of the Long Zii in an official capacity, the group call for a truce and a meeting at 3pm the following day is set, which Young Jun immediately rejects. However, Father Jun accepts the request and tells Young he needs to meet with the new boss, Mai Ling, to test her credibility.

Meanwhile. Bill asks to be taken off the Chinatown duties, which is swiftly declined, before Lee is told to stop prying into Chinatown business when he goes around asking questions about the gangs.

The Long Zii and Hop Wei then meet, with both sides putting their terms forward for peace. Father Jun tells them he has no interest in fighting but wants them to honour the treaty and apologise. However, it’s finally decided that the way they’ll settle their differences is through a one-on-one duel using their prized fighters. While both groups discuss this individually, Ah Sahm sees the Mayor’s wife again who swiftly rejects him and calls off the affair.

On his way back to the gang, he’s ambushed by masked fighters. After fighting them off, it turns out they were a ploy to test Ah Sahm’s fighting prowess, which he passes with flying colours. He’s chosen as the fighter for the Hop Wei and proceeds to train hard, against other gang members and on his own. As day turns to night, Mai Ling meets him privately and says her final goodbyes to him before the fight approaches.

The episode then ends with the Chinatown officers finding a dead officer on the shore, suspecting the Chinese are behind this latest murder.

Once again Warrior delivers a thoroughly entertaining episode, one chock full of action and politically charged motives. This blend of action, drama and well written political drive is ultimately what makes Cinemax’s latest drama such an enjoyable watch. With Warrior already renewed for a second season, it’ll be interesting to see how this season ends, but for now Warrior does well to set things up nicely for the next episode’s inevitable fight for gang dominance.


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