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The War Begins

After last week’s sombre return to the streets of Chinatown, we begin Warrior with episode 7 and Ah Toy inspecting a new batch of women to serve in the brothel. As she walks down the line, one girl in particular catches her eye. It turns out this one is from a fishing village she recognizes and she hesitantly agrees to take her on. After getting her cleaned up, we cut to Bill drinking at the bar, still reeling from his ordeal last week.

Meanwhile Ah Sahm speaks to Young Jun who tells him about an upcoming jump on the Long Zii. Like a shark that smells blood, they’re going after Mai Ling and the leader of the gang, promising to spill blood and take the fight to their rivals. Conflicted thanks to his familial ties, Ah Sahm heads to the brothel to question Ah Toy about where his sister is hiding out. Begrudgingly, one of the girls tells him where they are, prompting him to sprint through the streets before it’s too late.

He arrives just in time too, as one of the deadliest Hop Wei fighters, Bolo, shows up and begins strangling Mai Ling. With her fading out of consciousness, Ah Sahm shows up at the last minute and kicks him in the jaw, sending him flying across the room. From here, the two fight with a dizzying array of punches and kicks before he breaks Bolo’s arm. As he stands back up and staggers back, Mai Ling grabs him, slitting the man’s throat and telling Ah Sahm to leave before it’s too late. 

Meanwhile, Bill confronts Richard about a wanted poster that’s found its way up from Georgia. As they sit down together, Richard tells him a sad tale about his lover being killed by his cruel cousins, leading him to snap and kill one of them with a sickel and the other with a shotgun to the face. Unfortunately, it was a trap all along and the bounty hunters arrive for Richard. However, Bill’s played them both and as the bounty hunters look set to shoot Richard, the police show up and knock out the hunters, taking them away.

As Father Jung sees what the Long Zii have done to Bolo, they wage war while the Long Zii themselves mourn their founding father who Mai Ling regrettably stabbed in the middle of the night. The episode then ends with both gangs clashing in the middle of the streets, promising pure carnage to follow.

Once again Warrior delivers another solid episode, one chock full of action and intrigue. While the dialogue does sometimes fall flat and feels a little cliched, there’s enough intrigue and drama here to make it easy to look past. The fight between Bolo and Ah Sahm is certainly the stand out moment here though and quite what next week’s episode holds in store for us is anyone’s guess. Based on this showing though, it looks set to explode in a flurry of gang violence.


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