Warrior – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Boiling Point

After a brief hiatus in the dusty wasteland last week, Warrior returns to the streets of Chinatown with a parade in full swing. With fireworks and clouds of smoke choking the air, the police worry that someone may try something amidst the chaos. Unfortunately, their thoughts come to fruition as someone attempts to assassinate the Hop Wei leader, courtesy of a stick of dynamite.

With the cries still ringing in their ears, the parade is cut short while Bill staggers back home where he finds the collectors sitting, waiting for him to pay up. After incurring massive gambling debts at the Fung Hai casino previously, Damon gave Bill three weeks and unfortunately, now that his time is up – Bill doesn’t have the money. Instead, Bill tries to set him up with another man he owes money to, resulting in a brutal 2-round fight and Bill being forced to kill the loser.

With the war between the Hop Wei and the Long Zii threatening to explode at any moment, Young Jung makes the decision to take the fight to the Long Zii where they ambush them in a brutal bar fight. While chaos continues to rage, politicians take advantage of the anarchy in Chinatown.

With blood being shed on both sides of the conflict, the Long Zii and Hop Wei leaders meet to try and come up with a peaceful resolution. Unfortunately, this peace comes at a cost and as the Long Zii leader walks away, he realizes this spells almost certain death for himself.

The episode the ends with Bill returning home from his nightly ordeal, breaking down in tears alone in a room as the scene fades to black.

While not quite hitting the dramatic peaks of last week’s standalone episode, Warrior continues to deliver the goods in this tumultuous and action packed episode. Quite what the consequences mean for both gangs following the meeting at the end is anyone’s guess but for now, Warrior delivers another impressive 45 minutes of story.


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