Warrior – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review



The Coming War

With the news this week that Warrior has been renewed for a second season, the fourth episode begins with Bill ambushed and given three weeks to pay up or face a trip to The White mountain.

Meanwhile Ah Sahm settles back into a rhythm with the gang as they recap on events that have transpired thus far. This is then followed up by a story about a prolific fighter in their ranks named Yellow Demon. Unfortunately this trip down memory lane is not well received as the fighter reminds them all that Father Jung owns them.

Mai Ling receives an ominous message from the police that shes to be arrested while a bust on the Asians stirs further tension over an already tumultuous situation. Despite being advised not to, Ah Sahm goes to visit the Mayor’s wife. After sharing a pretty truthful discussion together, they kiss. This, unfortunately, is not going to go down well with the Mayor if and when he finds out. However, the two do share some honest moments where she tells Ah Sahm she only married to save her Father’s business.

On the way out the door, Mai Ling discusses matters with Ah Sahm. His sister congratulates him for what hes done so far but tells Ah Sahm he has to go. Our protagonist once again asks her to go with him bur she refuses, reminding him a war is coming between the tongs and he better not be on the wrong side of it.

The episode then ends with Buckley apologizing to Bill about his earlier outburst about the bust before receiving an ominous warning to keep his head down and keep quiet until he’s re-assigned out of Chinatown. While the various players continue with their business, a war is most certainly brewing and could it come down to brother VS sister at the end?

Warrior continues to impress with its latest episode, delivering an interesting blend of societal issues of the time with action and a politically charged narrative for good measure. The gang war forms an interesting backdrop to the tense racism growing in the city and it works really well too. Quite where Warrior will go from here is anyone’s guess but based on what we’ve seen thus far, it certainly poses an interesting dilemma for our characters to stew over for another week.


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