WandaVision – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Episode 7 of WandaVision begins with a brief recap of the events from the previous episode in a slick, sitcom-homage to Modern Family. Wanda decides to take a whole day to herself, only all the items inside the house are inexplicably glitching out. Could this be a consequence of expanding out the field?

As Agnes arrives to take the boys away, the living room starts glitching more ferociously from before. During one of the face to face interviews, our documentarian even starts talking back too.

Vision awakens to find himself in the middle of a circus, where they claim he’s their new clown. He recognizes Darcy, who’s currently part of this circus too, but she doesn’t recognize him, thanks to Wanda’s powers. Vision touches her head and manages to snap Darcy out of her trance.

Darcy and Vision take off, grabbing the van and charging straight for Wanda’s house. Only, they keep hitting red lights and numerous other obstacles, allowing Darcy to fill Vision in on exactly what’s happening. Eventually Vision snaps out of his face to face interview and flies over to Wanda’s house.

Outside the anomaly, Agent Woo and Monica rock up to Hayward’s makeshift tent where they show off a brand new armored truck. Monica gets suited up, ready to head back into the anomaly in a bid to save Darcy. She claims this is her last shot, as she drives full-steam into the forcefield. Only this time, the field pushes back and somehow matches the density of the truck as she struggles to break through.

Monica scrambles out the truck just in time, as it’s thrown across the sky. Believing she can get through on her own, Monica pushes against the anomaly and through to the other side. This time though everything is different.

A neon-lit medley of colours illuminate the sky as Monica races back to Wanda’s house. Wanda blasts her outside, as Monica uses her powers to steady herself, landing on the ground unharmed. She confronts Wanda and tells her not to be a villain… as Agnes arrives and takes her away.

At Agnes’ house, something is clearly not right. Agnes claims the boys are in the basement, prompting Wanda to head down alone. Only, what’s down there is very clearly not what she expected. Agnes shows up and reveals that she’s really Agatha Harkness.

Hilariously, we then cut back and see a montage through time of Agatha messing everything up for Wanda and Vision through all these flashbacks. She’s even the person behind the camera for the documentary this episode! What a twist!

The Episode Review

WandaVision delivers a wonderful twist at the end as the truth around what’s happening finally starts to become clear. So it seems like Agatha is the one behind the anomaly and seems to be controlling Wanda and Vision. For what purpose remains to be seen but it’s certainly nice to get some clarity surrounding who’s been pulling the strings this whole time.

The blend of horror and drama this week works incredibly well too and the Modern Family format blends seamlessly into the main storyline in a way where no other sitcom format would actually have worked with the material.

This balance between sitcom and drama hasn’t always worked, especially the slow burn opening, but these later episodes have been pretty consistent. This episode is arguably one the best too, ending with lots of intriguing possibilities for the episodes ahead.

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