Walk. Ride. Rodeo – Netflix Film Review

Run Like The Wind, Power!

Walk. Ride. Rodeo is an inspirational, heartwarming film perfect for light drama and family viewing. While it isn’t particularly original or unique in the way it tells its story, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

The story itself begins with horse rider Amberley who lives and breathes the rodeo life. Accompanied by her prized horse Power, the two seem destined to rise to the top. When a freak car accident causes Amberley to become paralyzed from the waist down, her rodeo career appears to be over. Through grit, determination and a little bit of pressure from those closest to her, she attempts to defy the odds and get back on the saddle again to live out her dream.

Walk, Ride, Rodeo plays out exactly as you’d expect it to. There’s absolutely no surprises here although there are some good bouts of drama peppered throughout the film. Slightly unexpectedly too but these do pack a bit of an emotional punch, especially the segments involving Amberley and her Mother.

There’s a good range of music used throughout the film too which keep things from falling too far into melodrama territory. They also act quite well as montage segments as well, with Amberley trying to get back on the saddle and undertake upper-body strength training to name a few. This is a true story strictly geared for family viewing although one scene involving the car accident itself may not be appropriate for really young kids. Still, there’s a good theme here about never giving up at the heart of this one that always makes these films worth watching regardless of how many times this message is hammered home.

It’s not perfect; it is a little clich├ęd and full of the usual tropes you’d expect from this sort of film. Almost unashamedly, Walk, Ride, Rodeo has absolutely no surprises right down to the individual bumps along the way as the film ticks off its various acts, through to the final uplifting conclusion. The bouts of drama are well-paced and much like Power itself, this is a well-rehearsed film that’s quite happy to gallop through well-trodden ground.


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  • Verdict - 6/10

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