The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Sky Is a Graveyard

Following the brutal murder last episode, episode 8 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond begins with Silas claiming not to remember what happened. Sitting outside, hugging his knees, he struggles to hold back tears as he starts shaking.

The rest of the group meanwhile are split over whether Silas really is to blame or not. Huck heads outside and apologizes to Silas, checking through his bag for clues. Those clues come in the form of drawings of Iris and her familiar tiger poem read during the tyre fire incident. Realizing that Silas could be a threat, the team contemplate whether to leave him behind or not.

Cutting back in time, we see Silas and his Father fighting. Silas beat his Father relentlessly after smacking him in the face with a photo-frame. Only, this came off the back of his Father abusing him and pushing the kid over the edge.

These flashbacks continue, with more evidence linking Silas to being a misunderstood child. Watching his father bleed out, a small incident with his neighbour paves way for his Father to turn into a zombie. His death was self-defence on Silas’ part as he tried to stop him from hurting his Mother.

This act of self-defence is backed up by Elton in the present, who heads out and speaks to Silas, believing that he only lashes out in self defence and isn’t to blame for this. In order to back up his theory, Elton remains determined to find some proof down by the river, which is where the blood stains disappeared.

Next up is Felix who briefly stops by a tied-up Silas outside to make sure he’s okay. When Silas asks about Iris, Felix reminds him that one of her friends has died so obviously she’s not okay. He’s read his file too, knowing that the previous incident was self defence but this one is tough to decipher.

Speaking of deciphering, Iris tries her best to decode the notebook. It’s a poor distraction in truth, one that’s stopped by her speaking to Hope and admitting that she wants to believe Silas. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Iris over this season, she’s a great judge of character.

She’s not the only one though, in talking to Hope Elton decides it’s best for the group to stick together as a family despite not being able to find any evidence to exonerate Silas.

Well, none of this matters right now given an unsupervised tied-up Silas finds himself face to face with a zombie that crawls toward him. Thankfully Hope shows up and stakes it, looking at him incredulously over why he didn’t stop it from hurting him.

That evening, Elton and Iris talk. He claims she’s the closest they have to a leader and tells her she has an equal stake in what happens. She heads outside and finds Silas has freed himself from the binds.

He admits to being angry and openly admits to killing Percy and Tony. Once again Iris, your perception of people is impeccable. Silas decides it’s best to leave the group, and Elton decides to head off with him given it will increase their chances of survival dramatically.

After hugging Hope goodbye, she hands over a necklace and admits that Elton’s Mum is dead. It’s tough for him to take but he puts the necklace round his neck and prepares to catch up with Silas, who’s dropped his headphones mid-road and decided to go on alone.

As the episode closes out, we return to the soldiers as Lt. Frank Newton brings in Huck who happens to be working with Elizabeth.

The Episode Review

With an entire episode revolving around Silas and whether he did or did not kill Tony, the interesting divides in the team show who do and don’t have a good judge of character.

8 episodes in it’s safe to say Iris is by far the weak link of the team, deciding to just trust everyone and refusing to believe any wrongdoing.  Once again she ends with egg on her face when Silas admits that he did murder Tony.

Thankfully Silas ditched the headphones on the road as for a minute I genuinely thought he was going to continue on and walk with loud music alone. As we’ve seen from the past, this guy does not have a sense of awareness after being caught out by Tony.

But the big talking point here comes from Huck working with Elizabeth. Quite what will come of this though, remains to be seen.

Ah well, the series continues on and with the survivors now split up properly (something that’s worked so well for them all in the past), it remains to be seen how thick the plot armour will be for our characters moving forward.

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  1. Did nobody else see that the orange Silas’ father was holding had the three ring logo on it.

    Did the CR start the infection?

  2. Hey man,

    To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure whether that was related or not but you’re right – it does make more sense than Huck getting away from the group a second time! I assumed when she went to Elizabeth it was in the same timeline rather than referencing a moment in the past. I’ve updated the review bit at the end accordingly, thanks Tom much appreciated!

    -Greg W

  3. Did you miss previous episodes where she went on ahead to scout on her own for a couple days, then returned with that watch?

    Also, Huck is the lieutenant’s daughter. You can tell by the way they talked at the end (“Dad’s watch”).

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