Walker – Season 4 Episode 2 “Maybe It’s Maybelline” Recap & Review

Maybe It’s Maybelline

Episode 2 of Walker season 4 starts with Geri and Cassie finishing their morning run, both drenched in sweat. After catching their breath, Geri asks Cassie about her time working with the FBI. Cassie makes it clear that while she enjoyed her time with the FBI task force, she’s decided to rejoin her old team in Texas. In simpler terms, Cassie is staying put in Texas.

Meanwhile, August runs into his grandfather, Bonham, at the ranch and hands him a permission slip for a boot camp that prepares people for the military. Bonham is hesitant, knowing Cordell won’t approve, as he has mixed feelings about the military. However, Bonham agrees to speak with the program’s drill instructor, who happens to be Trey.

As the day progresses, a woman named Maybelline Pratt shows up at the police station. She’s a state witness in a case involving Brant Jeric, a money launderer for drug dealers and human traffickers. Pratt used to work at a restaurant that was a front for Brant’s dirty money operations. Now that Pratt is a witness, Brant wants her silenced.

Despite the danger, Pratt, a lively lady in her sixties or seventies, isn’t afraid. She’s full of life and humor wherever she goes. Pratt refuses to go into witness protection, so Cordell has to take her to his ranch for safety. At the ranch, Bonham tries to talk to Cordell about letting August join the military boot camp, but Cordell shuts it down, saying he is not interested in discussing it further.

Stella is struggling to shake off the horror of that night when she had to defend herself against Will, who broke into her apartment. In self-defense, she had to shoot him, but he managed to escape, only to succumb to his injuries later. Stella can’t help but feel guilty for Will’s death. She revisits the spot where Will crashed his car and died, and while there, she encounters Mike, Will’s uncle, who seems to have some sinister intentions toward Stella.

In the dead of night, Cordell finds Pratt awake, and they share a heartfelt conversation about raising children alone. Cordell seems troubled, and when Pratt asks, he reveals that August wants to join the military, but Cordell is hesitant. Pratt advises him that if you try to stop your kids, they’ll just rebel harder.

She advises Cordell to open his heart and let his son follow his dreams. Inspired, Cordell decides to sign the waiver on the condition that August promises to focus on his studies as well.

On the day Pratt is set to testify, a thug dressed as a cop snatches her. Cassie and Cordell scramble to locate Pratt, and fortunately, she’s left clever hints behind. With Tray’s help, they rescue her just in the nick of time. As the episode winds down, Stella enjoys a night out with her pals, including Liam, at Geri’s bar, but her joy fades when she finds a chilling message scrawled in her home: “This isn’t over.”

The Episode Review

So, who could have written that threatening message on Stella’s mirror, warning her that her troubles aren’t over and they’ll get worse? The most obvious suspect is Mike, Will’s uncle.

Perhaps he wants revenge on Stella for shooting his nephew, completely ignoring that it was his nephew who broke into Stella’s house in the dead of night to harm her.

Also, this might be subjective, but there’s a gut feeling that what if Mike is the Jackal, the infamous serial killer?

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