Walker – Season 4 Episode 1 “The Quiet” Recap & Review

The Quiet

In episode 1 of Walker season 4, Cordell and Geri are shown as a couple, unable to keep their hands off each other. They share a moment of passionate kissing, and Geri offers Cordell a cupcake, asking him to make a wish. However, Cordell declines because he’s participating in a steak-eating competition and needs to save room. It is all about preparing, both mentally and physically, says Cordell. 

After saying goodbye to Geri, Cordell heads to work. Meanwhile, Liam, August, Abeline, and Bonham plan a surprise for Cordell’s birthday at the steak-eating competition. Liam also mentions a development in a break-in case at Geri’s house and that he needs to see Detective Park with Stella. Bonham advises Liam to be back before five.

As the episode unfolds, Cordell, Trey, and James attempt to apprehend a man smuggling gold bars across the border. Despite a dangerous start, Cordell successfully catches the suspect. Later that day, Cordell discusses his strategy for winning the steak-eating competition. Cassie also returns, not for Cordell’s birthday or the competition, but for a case.

Cassie asks to reunite the band as the FBI needs their help with a special case involving the Delmonico brothers, former members of an Italian crime family trying to expand into Texas. The FBI has been dismantling their network, and sources suggest the brothers will be in Texas to secure their remaining products before heading to Mexico. Cassie asks her old friends and colleagues if she can count on them, and they agree!

However, Cordell has to cancel his plans with Geri because of this new case. It’s also revealed that Trey and Cordell are unofficially investigating Jackal. Trey has a lead that he believes could lead them to Jackal and asks Cordell to cover for him while he checks it out.

Meanwhile, Liam and Stella meet with Park and discover that the cops are dropping the case. Park gives them a piece of paper detailing the events of that night to check for any discrepancies. As Stella reads, she is reminded of the horrific night when she shot her house intruder. When Park asks if she knows the attacker, she denies it, even though she actually recognizes him.

Later in the episode, Trey returns and shows Cordell what he’s found, but they’re caught by Kelly, James’s wife. She is visibly upset to learn they’re still looking for Jackal but asks them not to tell James. Jackal had once come close to killing James, and Kelly fears James will go after him again, possibly not returning this time.

After lunch, Cassie, Cordell, and the others head to the warehouse to capture the Delmonico brothers. As they arrive, bullets start flying, and they have to take cover. Cordell implements his classic distract-and-destroy plan to handle the guards. The situation gets tense when the brothers take James hostage. They offer to spare his life if Cassie allows them to cross into Mexico.

However, Cassie uses her smarts to distract them long enough for James to disarm and incapacitate them. Once at the precinct, James praises Cassie and asks if she will continue working with the FBI or return to Texas to resume her role as a Texas Ranger. When Cassie can’t decide, James suggests she sleep on it, meaning to give it some thought.

As the episode wraps up, Cordell and Trey sit down again to review the evidence and leads they’ve uncovered against Jackal. Trey also asks about what happened with James during his investigation of Jackal, triggering a memory for Cordell. He knows how terrible and painful it is and doesn’t want James to experience it again.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Walker Season 4 kicks off with a bang! It’s heartwarming to see Cordell finding happiness and coupling up with Geri. But there’s still work to be done as he dives into investigating the notorious serial killer known as the Jackal.

This serial killer has a chilling habit of leaving jackal teeth at his crime scenes and has left a trail of victims behind. This time, Cordell wants to go it alone. He’s seen first-hand what this case did to James last time. James got so fixated on the case that he lost himself in the process.


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