Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

King’s Best Friend

Episode 9 of Wake Up, Carlo! begins with Carlo and his friends visiting King Blaus’ palace. When King Blaus arrives, he bestows the title of “best friend” on Carlo and the title of “friends friend” on Carlo’s friends. Carlo can’t keep his secret agenda hidden for long. After being plagued by guilt, he reveals his true intentions to King Blaus, namely to get close to him and then destroy his festival.

Carlo’s honesty impresses King Blaus. Following this, King Blaus reveals his own plan, which was to imprison Carlo and his friends. Carlo and King Blaus soon start having fun for no reason. Soon, King Blaus imprisons Carlo’s friends to gain leverage over him.

But Carlo notices that his friends have gone missing. He approaches and asks King Blaus about it, but the festival is about to begin. Carlo is blackmailed by King Blaus to pretend to be on his side in front of the inhabitants or risk losing his friends for good. Meanwhile, Carlo’s friends successfully escape the dungeon. Following that, King Blaus challenges Carlo and his friends to a game of Blausball.

Carlo and his friends agree to take on the challenge. They go on to demand that if they win, King Blaus stop building the yellow wall. King Blaus, on the other hand, threatens to throw Carlo and his friends into the sea of oblivion if they lose. The episode concludes with both sides accepting the challenge.

The Episode Review

The episode is chock-full of metaphors. However, at this point, the collision of metaphors is absurd. There’s a common critique here surrounding communism, however, there are also references to building walls and beliefs that contradict that too. King Blaus appears initially to be a communist tyrant but there are ideas here that challenge that notion and offer a confusing clash of character.

The episode concludes with both parties accepting the challenge though, so it’ll be interesting to see how things develop moving forward.

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