Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Solidarity Assault

Episode 8 of Wake Up, Carlo! begins with Carlo and his friends getting around with King Blaus. King Blaus attempts to connect with Carlos, but Carlo suspects him. When he appears skeptical of King Blaus, his friends advise him not to make King Blaus feel uneasy. Carlo and his friends try to be selfless and generous to everybody around them. When King Blaus leaves, he notices that Carlo has taken his place in several places, which frustrates him.

King Blaus joins a group of people who, like him, are disguised. Meanwhile, Carlo and his friends’ generous acts are seen spiralling into complete insanity and chaos. Carlo and his friends head to the memory storage facility. Following that, Carlo and Berto reconnect with an old friend as their memories begin to resurface. Their old friend recalls how she wanted to befriend Carlo and Berto but always felt left out.

Following that, they all escape the memory storage facility, with several groups pursuing them. Matilde eventually gives Carlo and his friends a ride, and they are seen escaping the groups. Matilde tells Carlo in the car about King Blaus’ attempts to exploit Carlo’s popularity. She then suggests that he befriend King Blaus to expose him. Carlo falls asleep, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The characters in the show represent various themes. The themes that the characters represent sometimes overlap, making the show quite complex, yet intriguing. For instance, King Blaus represents socialism at its peak. On the other hand, he also represents a person’s reality in other situations. This makes separating what he represents based on the episode themes challenging.

King Blaus represents reality in this episode. He, frequently referred to as the reality, tries to befriend Carlo, but Carlo pushes reality away yet again because he is under the influence.

The episode concludes with Matilde suggesting that the only way to expose King Blaus is to befriend him. This can be interpreted as the only way to comprehend reality is to make the unconscious conscious. It’ll be interesting to see the way things develop moving forward.

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