Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Maximum Security SPA

Episode 6 of Wake Up, Carlo! begins with Carlo being dropped outside The Maximum Security Spa by the whale. When he inquires about his friend’s whereabouts, the whale assures him that they are undoubtedly inside the Spa. However, there is a catch: Carlo must be stressed to enter the Spa. Matilde, on the other hand, uses Carlo’s distraction of the guards to her advantage and sneaks inside.

Carlo then spends his time attempting to get stressed. However, given his upbeat personality, he finds it extremely difficult to do so. On the contrary, he ends up entertaining people who share his videos on the internet. His youthful spirit has been brought to the attention of King Blaus. Following this, King Blaus attempts, but fails, to imitate him.

Carlo then makes his way to the metro station. Berto and Tatiana are currently at the Spa with a Dr. Floyd introducing them to hypnosis. To make matters more dire, they aren’t allowed to leave. Carlo finally gets stressed at the metro station and is taken to the Maximum Security Spa, where he meets Berto and Tatiana.

Tatiana and Berto discuss their past problems in a group session at the Spa. As a consequence of Matilde’s partner, chaos ensues, and she finally reveals herself. Following that, the trio escapes from the Spa with Matilde. She tells the trio as she leaves the Spa that she deliberately helped them in finding her. She does, however, have one request in return: that they find the Holy Buggy.

The Episode Review

The adventurous themes of the animated Netflix show are continued in this episode, which is quite entertaining. In episode 6 of Wake Up, Carlo!, Matilde, a new character who seems quite intriguing, is also introduced.

The episode also features the fictitious character Dr. Floyd, who is modelled after Dr. Sigmund Freud. The character portrays the traits of the father of psychoanalysis—from practising therapy to using hypnosis—and it is rather hilarious, at least in the beginning.

As the episode goes on though, it presents Dr. Sigmund Freud in a negative light which isn’t a creative decision that viewers who are aware of his significant contributions will appreciate. The show could use a little more reverence and gratitude given that his theories continue to influence how we practice therapy even today.

The trio stumbles upon a new mission to work on as the episode comes to a close. Unquestionably, this new mission will bring about new adventures that will be entertaining to watch.

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