Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Lonely Whale Tour

Episode 5 of Wake Up, Carlo! picks up where we left off, with the trio on a mission to find Matilde. The group, however, is divided. Tatiana wants the group to profit, whereas Carlo wants them to be a rescue group. We quickly learn that they must travel to The Sea Of Total Oblivion to find Matilde. When they arrive at the shoreline, Tatiana and The Junior Monsters Manual take a step back because the sea is extremely dangerous and even has flying snakes.

During their journey, a whale persuades Tatiana to join them by promising to double her money bag. She then agrees to accompany Carlo and Berto on the mission. The trio encounters a few obstacles during their thrilling ride on the whale. They also come across the two detectives hired by King Blaus. They do, however, manage to run away. To top it all off, the whale manages to double Tatians’ money bag during a fin wrestling competition.

Tatiana has the opportunity to purchase an iceberg with the two bags of money as the whale approaches the Sea of Oblivion. She finds the offer far too appealing and buys it. Matilde happens to be near the iceberg, so she continues her journey.

Tatiana abandons Carlo and Berto to live in her new home after reaching the iceberg. The remaining two then proceed to the 24-hour abyss and notice a large drop while inside. Tatiana’s iceberg too seems to be ruined and can be seen approaching the drop. However, Berto saves her in the nick of time.

But they are seen fighting with each other in the episode’s final sequences. Meanwhile, Carlo is questioning the abyss, and we can see Matilde in the background. He gradually falls asleep, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Wake Up, Carlo! ends up being fascinating and adventurous. To top it all off, Carlo, Berto, and Tatiana’s bond is strengthened during this episode, which is truly pleasant to watch.

The episode concludes with us noticing Matilde in the background, while the trio is completely unaware of her presence. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the upcoming episodes.

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