Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Junior Monster’s Manual

Episode 3 of Wake Up, Carlo! continues from where we left off. Carlo, Berto, and Tatiana are on the run from King Blaus. Meanwhile, King Blaus remains envious of Carlo’s charisma. The trio get lost in the Enchanted Woods and stumble upon a theatre. Following that, they encounter a creature who attempts to persuade them to participate in her show, but they refuse her demands.

King Balus is skeptical of theatre. He is assured, however, that no artists are present. Meanwhile, Carlo is disappointed that the creatures are cutting trees in the Enchanted Forest. They even go on to say that the forest is only semi-enchanted now because many trees have been cut down.

Carlo attempts to explain the importance of trees to the creatures and his friends Berto and Tatiana. However, no one, including Berto, takes him seriously. This ends up hurting Carlo who attempts to make Berto remember the past.

Carlo and Berto are looking for Berto’s Junior Monsters Manual, which contains instructions and tricks that Berto wrote as a kid but cannot remember. After some searching, they stumble upon an underground cave where they find the manual. Berto can recall events from his past owing to the manual.

King Blaus is attempting to gain popularity. Following that, someone with influence over Blaus’ decisions persuades him to cut down trees with the help of a new vehicle. He agrees to do it after some convincing. When he enters the semi-enchanted forest, he comes across Carlo, Berto, and Tatiana. Following that, Carlo and Berto use the manual to capture King Blaus to save the enchanted forest.

The creatures that were previously chopping down trees are now after the manual. As a consequence, they pursue Carlo, Berto, and Tatiana, who make a run yet again.

The Episode Review

If you look closely, the show seems to be an altered and animated adaptation of Animal Farm. There are clear links between Berto’s Junior Monsters Manual and the principles of Animalism within this episode. Additionally, there are similarities between how the creatures’ memories are locked away in the show and how the animals start to forget the real principles in the novel.

The show uses a stoner’s strange visuals and convoluted anti-communist undertones, which is an intriguing approach. The course of events going forward will be interesting to watch.

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