Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Hide-and-Seek Champion

In the first scene of episode 1 of Wake Up, Carlo!, Carlo and his companions are residing on the Island of Fun for No Reason. Mount Solange is the person in charge of these children. The kids are permitted to play silly games like hide-and-seek. but Mount Solange makes it clear, though, that everybody wins, so there are only winners. After they finish playing games, all the children indulge in mouthwatering guavito cookies.

Carlo enjoys the treats, but he yearns for some genuine competition. He needs to locate the best hiding spot on the entire island if he wants to win the game of hide-and-seek. He ignores Mount Solange’s warnings and hides inside the Sinister Forest, home to some fairly eerie creatures, where he eventually passes out.

In the Sinister Forest, Berto, Carlo’s closest companion, looks for him but is unsuccessful in finding him. Carlo’s cover is almost too good. The scene is then cut off, and we are taken into the future. More than 20 years later, once Carlo finally wakes up, the Island of Fun for No Reason no longer exists. Now known as the Kingdom of Decisions, it is ruled by King Blaus, an elephant-like figure with a metal trunk.

Every one of Carlo’s companions, including Berto, has grown up and they appear to have largely lost touch with the Island of Fun for No Reason, whilst Carlo is still a kid. 

We quickly learn that King Blaus forces his subjects to store any enjoyable memories within the town’s collective past locker in a desperate attempt to maintain his control. They are forced to carry on living their responsible, grown-up lives in this manner, oblivious to their crazy past.

Carlo wakes up from his nap and is saved by Berto and Tatiana from creatures who seem to be self-appointed guards. Berto can only vaguely recall Carlo, but not his name. The creatures then start chasing the trio as they attempt to get away. King Blaus, who always seems to want to be the centre of attention, stumbles across Carlos’s goofy videos. Thereafter, he is alarmed by this shift in attention.

The Episode Review

The episode has a bizarre blend of communist satire and an air of stoned creatures to it. Despite the fact that the Island Of Fun For No Reason initially seems untainted, you can see signs of the no-competition policy laying the foundation for communism.

Twenty years later, the Kingdom of Decisions, ruled by King Blaus, who resembles a tyrant, quickly replaces the Island of Fun for No Reason. Like most tyrants, King Blaus appears to be in charge of a totalitarian state that was formerly communist in nature.

An unsettling and fascinating aspect of the show is that, if you look closely, anticommunist themes are woven into the Netflix show that appears to be made for kids. It will be interesting to see how things develop moving forward.


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