Wake Up, Carlo! – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Bad Vibe Disco Club

Carlo and his friends are escaping from the sinister fog when episode 12 of Wake Up, Carlo! begins. We quickly discover that the sinister fog has devoured half of the island. King Blaus is in prison with other inmates, including his dependable advisor. He realizes that he was not a particularly good person. He even admits to being a dictator and promises to be better in the future.

Carlo and his friends head to the Bad Vibe Disco Club, which is packed with vampires. They eventually get inside after overcoming a few obstacles. The atmosphere in the club is upbeat, and everyone, including the vampires, can be seen dancing and having a good time. While having fun, one of the vampires mentions how bad Mount Solange was. Carlo gets upset because he believes otherwise. He says he will prove him wrong.

Carlo and his friends then learn about Mount Solange’s heart. They are even made aware of the need to protect the heart from the sinister fog. Meanwhile, King Blaus and the other inmates escape from the prison. However, on getting out, he discovers that Madame Bruguel has taken his place and that all of his subjects are now on her side.

Carlo’s friends are once again attacked by the sinister fog. However, Mount Solange’s heart is released, causing the sinister fog to dissipate. Towards the end of the episode, the heart is seen attempting to serve Carlo and his friends guavitos yet again. However, the cookie-filling floods the entire space, and the creatures are seen drowning in it.

The Episode Review

The episode is both intriguing and thrilling. Even though hints were dropped in the first episode, we learn the truth about Mount Solange. She is a communist who despises all forms of competition. She is in fact quite cruel in the process, as she is also the creator of the sinister fog. This episode reveals her true nature to us.

The position of King Blaus, on the other hand, is quite complicated. Some of his characteristics appear to be excessively communistic, while others appear to be excessively capitalistic. However, it appears that the show is hoping to show how extremes of any kind, at the end of the day, have dangerous consequences.

The creatures drown in guavito filling as the episode comes to a close. It’ll be interesting to see the way things develop moving forward.

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