V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of V-Wars begins with Claire berating the team for their efforts in letting Fayne slip through their fingers. Luther meanwhile, convinces her to let him try and track Fayne down alone. With 24 hours to do so, the race against time is on as the infection continues to spread. While Michael continues to run, Bobby decides to try and track him down after another of their group is killed by the vampires. Back at the garage they discuss what to do next and it turns out Bobby is actually a vampire hunter. Jimmy relays this news across to the DNS and as the plot reveals continue, it turns out he’s actually an undercover agent with the FBI.

Kaylee learns that he and Jergen have been tracked but unfortunately it’s too late, and she’s brought in to the DNS who discuss her site and the news. They tell her to shut it all down but of course, she refuses. However, Jergen is held up at gunpoint as collateral damage as Kaylee is warned if she continues, they’ll kill him and her.

Dani meets her ex and immediately starts to get intimate with him before biting his neck and turning him. With another turned over to the vampire ranks, Detective Yanov arrives and invites himself in. Discussing her missing sister Mila, she rings through to her phone but she doesn’t pick up, seemingly infected as we cut across and see a sweat-stained, weakened girl leaving the diner.

Jimmy arrives at the garage with a gun and it appears Bobby has already killed their target. Back at the facility, it turns out Fields is actually one of the vampires but before he can kill Teresa he’s quickly dispatched as the guards arrive at the scene.

Luther heads off alone and meets Michael at the remote cabin out in the woods. He talks to him about the infection and how good it feels, showing no remorse for those he’s killed. Believing he’s a new species, Luther pleads with Michael to allow him to bring him in alive to find a cure. Unfortunately, a sniper happens to be at their location in the distance which throws a massive spanner in the works. Telling Luther to leave, he runs off as the Bloods, a vampire gang, approach Michael and tell him as he’s patient zero, they’ll follow him.

As the episode closes out, the DNS facility blows up as Luther struggles to move Calix’s body clear of the wreckage.

While the plot reveals around Bobby and Jimmy are nice tidbits in the episode, there’s far too many elements to this one now that seem contrived and far fetched. Why would the DNS allow Kaylee to go based on her word alone that she won’t do anything? Of course, this could come back and bite her but it does seem a little lazy, especially given they don’t have anyone tail her when she leaves.

The odd inclusion of humour from Luther doesn’t quite work here either, especially during the doughnut joke which feels tonally jarring given they find a dead body moments later. Given how straight and narrow this show has played things over the episodes, it just feels like an odd inclusion. Still, there’s plenty of time for the plot to pick up and the literal explosive ending might just be what this show needs to move into high gear.

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