V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review


The Bloody End

The Season 1 finale of V-Wars begins with Mila inadvertently showing Elysse who she really is. Unfortunately it doesn’t go well and she runs off. Meanwhile Dez and Amelie continue to find dead animals outside, the latter eventually acting shadily and running back to the house.

The Senator and Luther announce BludSub; a revolutionary new product to help with the infection. At the same time, Michael begins to act erratically. It turns out he’s unable to feed and his powers are starting to fade. As Dani holds him inside and news of BludSub out, Mila arrives among the group of other Bloods who show up. At the same time, Amelie begins crying as Luther and the Senator learn she’s a vampire. They promise to find a cure whilst offering up a substitute to stave off her cravings for now. This ultimately acts as the catalyst for Dez, who decides to help his Father find a cure after all.

Unfortunately, BludSub was poisoned by Calix, who talks on the phone and divulges his plans. However, it turns out his experiment has also turned him into a vampire. Ava sees the news about BludSub and immediately rallies the troops to fight back. With vengeance on their mind, Michael tells them to stop but Ava pleads with him to give the order to prevent him being usurped. Unfortunately as he looks set to rest, one of their own tries to kill Michael until Ava arrives and saves him.

While Dani pleads with Michael to leave completely, Mila arrives and requests an audience with her sister. Snatching up her baseball bat, she heads up while Ava turns on Michael and takes control.

Back at the house, Luther and Dez find themselves surrounded by Bloods but unfortunately they snatch up Dez and take him away while gunshots ricochet around the house. Is Luther dead? Before we can find out though, Mila confronts Dani in the woods and berates her sister for turning her into a vampire. She appears to shoot but before we find out what happened, we cut to Luther who awakens and sees Ava on TV announcing that Calix is now the leader of the Bloods. With the source of the infection put into the water supply, millions are now exposed to the infection and worse, they have Dez is their possession.

We then cut to 4 months later. The Bloods have taken over a warehouse that Dez is currently held out at and as Luther picks up a gun, he heads out intent on stopping Calix.

What happened between the two sisters in the woods? What’s happened to the world? Why have the Bloods just accepted Calix as their leader? And why would they want immunity if their whole motivation has been around building a new vampiric empire? At the end of this first episode, we’re left with plenty of questions hanging over this one and while I don’t doubt these will be answered in the second season, quite whether fans will stick with this one for the long haul remains to be seen.

The show has a very distinct style that will certainly appeal to a niche crowd but to be honest, this feels a lot more like a network TV show, one released once a week, rather than a Netflix Original with a big budget. There are some nice ideas here though but frustratingly it all feels a bit half-baked and convoluted. Quite where the second season will go from here though remains to be seen but for now, the show leaves things hanging in the balance.


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2 thoughts on “V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. Overall though, I think it’s been pretty decent. Not that I’ve seen past episode 4 or so.

    I choose to read the ending so I don’t have to watch it… Gotta focus on work. lol

    Even so, I didn’t expect to like it, but it’s good.

    It might’ve been interesting seeing Damon in a vampire role again though. lol

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