Vistas – Is This All We Are? | Album Review

Track Listing

Cruel Hearts
Bad Idea
Last Together
Is This All We Are
I know, I Know
Sleeping With The Lights On
The Garden
A Hit Of Heaven


Scottish band Vistas has created a clear-cut sound with Is This All We Are? The act appears to be hurt though, deeply hurt, like a frightened animal, beaten down by a formidable prey. This might be true, but the band stakes their claim with a sound that is worthy of being played in arenas across the land.  Scotland has become such a fruitful terrain for bands to grow, to become something more than standard, and Vistas is a fine example. 

Lyrically the band does not store their beliefs. They embark on stirring the plot and express their feelings in an undying muse.  The act draws from their pasts too, and they try to fight against problematic tendencies, circling the hope like a gang of youths looking to shake off the disenchantment. 

‘Cruel Hearts’ begins the record in such a subtle manner. Ghosts profoundly become a theme, a hazy mind, a temple of pain. The guitar riff pleases, and the musical components come together seamlessly, proving the band has the knack.

‘Nowadays’ opens with more vigour, and the chorus is a sheer standout, giving the song that needed push. Pain again hits hard.  

‘I Know I Know’ is a catchy song. That Scottish twang comes through, and that instrumental rush bares all. The band craves a revolution and resolution.  

Vistas soar here, and their music has the quality to put the band on the stage where wisdom rises and hope quells the pain.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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