Virgin River – Season 5 Episode 2 “Songbird” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Virgin River season 5 starts with Jack over at Char’s place. He continues to pace the room and tries to work out what to say next. He points out her bringing Mel into this and doubles down on how crushed he is about the truth regarding the twins. He did everything for her and would have done anything for the twins… and now he’s been humiliated and had his heart broken. Char though, points out that Jack did the same to her by falling for Mel under her nose. Even worse though, Char hasn’t even told the real father.

Brie heads over to see Brady and admits that she’s worried and believes this is a threat to stop her from testifying. Brady promises to keep her safe and encourages her to get some sleep. Tomorrow’s another day, as they say, and for Mel she’s now turning a corner and has some time to contemplate her choices in life. Given how long she’s been working for, she’s now beset with all these visions of the past involving her family.

After running, she heads back home and admits that she’s seen the sunrise and hasn’t lost track of time like that for a long time. When she heads home, Jack recaps what we’ve literally just seen. Jack thanks her, while Mel points out that Ava seems to be okay now and she picks her up from the hospital.

Ava is adamant she doesn’t want a follow-up either, and given it’s a long way back to town, the pair decide to stop for lunch en-route. There, Ava points out that a few years back she had laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. She always knew it could recur and now it’s back. Her choice is to get a hysterectomy and that’s a tough choice to make.

Meanwhile, Doc realizes the danger of relying on one person to run an entire business. He wants Cameron to do the insurance claims online but unfortunately, that system was set up entirely by Mel and he doesn’t know how to access it. Doc bemoans Cameron for being useless and suggests he get his act together from now on. Muriel overhears some of this though and gives Cameron some advice, suggesting he grow a backbone and fight back.

Cameron does just that later on in the episode, and Doc seems to appreciate it. However, Muriel happens to be out in the kitchen and she’s picked up where Mel has left off, with her making coffee and sorting out the digital files. Bonus! And she’s given a part time job offer.

At the lumber yard, Gene Sackheim shows up throwing threats around at Brady. Melissa explains that this guy is a friend of hers and Mel is using Brie as leverage to get Brady to keep in line and supervise another shipment from Jeb when he comes in. If not, then Gene could pay another visit to Brie.

Back home, Lizzie and Deny reads over Hope’s argument against the council dropping her. Lizzie has some constructive criticism but Hope doesn’t listen, claiming that it’s perfect the way it is. When Denny and Lizzie start playfully fighting, Hope sighs loudly and decides to leave.

Jack heads out for a hike with Brie and she’s rattled by the earlier threat. She wants Jack’s support in this endeavour and she’s contemplating whether to testify or not. She points out that Brady has been there every step of the way and wants him to come for dinner so they can make amends and build bridges.

Hope takes her revised speech to pledge her part as staying on as Mayor. Given she was the first ever Mayor in town, she believes that she’s the right person for the job. This impassioned speech then paves way for her opening the Community Garden for everyone.

Elsewhere, Charmaine shows up at Jack and Mel’s house and apologizes to Mel. She congratulates them on their pregnancy. While Mel hurries off to get ready for their dinner with Brie and Brady, Jack speaks his mind to Char and apologizes for his reaction to what’s happened. He takes responsibility for his actions. Charmaine is happy to hear him say this and admits she’s got a new job and is looking for another apartment as well.

During dinner, Jack and Brady have a chance to talk alone. Jack points out that the only way they can become friends again is if he can show, with his actions, that they’ve turned a corner. However, Brady’s little operation with Mel is a sticking point, especially when Jeb messages asking where he is. As we know, he’s supposed to show up for this shipment.

As the episode closes out, the council votes no confidence and Hope is out. Her speech goes up in flames. Mel also explains her earlier flashback about Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird, and her sister’s pleas that she won’t be alone in all this.

We then cut across to Brady, who shows up at the lumber yard and finds Jeb on the floor, passed out and presumably dead, a pack of fentanyl by his side.

The Episode Review

Virgin River continues to tick along and much like last season, this is basically a show running on fumes right now. Hope is growing ever more annoying by the day, while the various subplots are more like minor inconveniences than genuine roadblocks for our characters to handle and grow from.

Jack had his mental health issues last time to keep things interesting but now there’s none of that. Instead, we get him and Mel preparing for the babies. Given we know this show has already been renewed, the creators aren’t going to be in a hurry to rush through this pregnancy, that’s for sure.

The subplot involving Brady is a little better, and the ending hints that things will take a dramatic turn going forward. However, all of this comes at the expense of lackadaisical pacing and drawn out drama. Let’s hope the episodes ahead are an improvement!

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  1. I agree. It’s overly mellow dramatic most of the time. Hope is very annoying. Most of the characters have a weird acting style, I’m not sure if that’s something unique to this show on purpose or not. I’m hoping it gets better as it goes along.

  2. Hey Bill, that’s actually a good point I do apologize. I realized that during the later recaps and went in and adjusted some of those. I’m going to do the same thing for episode 2 as we speak. I do apologize about the confusion there and thanks so much for the feedback!

    -Greg W

  3. That’s your opinion! And you should open your eyes! The shows a hit and I’ve waited a long time. Get over yourself

  4. It’s confusing enough that there’s a Melinda and a Melissa without you calling them both Mel! I suggest you stick to Mel for Melinda and give Melissa her full name.

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