Virgin River – Season 5 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Father Christmas

Does Mel speak to her father?

Episode 12 of Virgin River season 5 starts with Mel and Jack showing up at her biological father’s place. Mel is getting cold feet and isn’t sure this is the right thing to do. Jack tells her to decide quicky, as her dad actually happens to be standing on his porch watching them.

Mel eventually does step up and introduce herself. Apparently he doesn’t know where she can find Chip and dismisses her. However, she notices the statue up on his shelf with him as the winner of the Lumberjack competition. Either this is a case of mistaken identity or he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Either way, Mel heads home with Jack feeling defeated and she tries to brush it off as just one of those things. Char rings to distract her though and admits that she’s still getting Braxton Hicks, so Mel decides to help her at the clinic. Oh, and she also tells Jack they need to get her a Christmas gift.

Calvin shows up alongside Brie and Mel is pretty shocked to see him. Brie doesn’t want him to hang about so Mel puts her foot down and tells him to get out. Thankfully, he does. And just as he leaves, Char’s water breaks.

How does Kaia react to Preacher?

Meanwhile, Preacher breaks the L word to Kaia and admits that he really means it. As for Kaia though, she promises that she’ll come around but isn’t quite ready to take that dive just yet. She is staying in Virgin River for the foreseeable future though, given she reveals that she’s going to stay on as Fire Chief.

However, a couple that are taking the dive happen to be Brie and Jack’s parents. The par host an impromptu intervention, where Jack refuses to let them leave the room until they figure it out and hash out their issues.

Does Char have her babies?

Elsewhere, Lizzie sits down with her mum and admits she’s made her decision. She wants to have a baby and live happily. Her mum agrees to do her best to come around and be happy, and the pair hug it out. It’s a sweet moment for sure.

Back at the clinic, Char gives a recap over the events of season 5 before admitting she was drinking lots of alcohol when she hooked up with him. In the middle of this, Doc shows up and they realize that Char’s blood pressure is a bit high. Anyway, she gives birth in no time at all to her twins. Char is in shock and she holds both her babes. Yay Christmas babies! (On a side note, my daughter was born on Christmas Day!)

What does Mel tell Vernon?

After all this, Mel opens up to Vernon and admits everything that’s happened with her dad. He’s super sweet and offers himself up as a father if she needs it. And in fact, he even offers to walk her down the aisle at their wedding too. Of course, this all depends on Vernon’s eyesight and clinical trial going forward but things seem to be going well. Oh, and he also tells Mel that Lizzie is pregnant as well!

That night, Hope and Lizzie’s mum end up having a really nice chat during the Christmas Tree Decorating competition. Hope admits that she’s “part of the village but not her (Lizzie’s) mum”. And as they talk, Lizzie and Denny reveal the sex of their child – it’s a girl!

Meanwhile, Vernon decides to propose to Hope again, calling her his guiding light and wanting to marry her all over again. The whole town is in rapturous applause… and even more so because Vernon and Hope actually win the contest. Hooray!

How does Virgin River season 5 end?

Back home again, Jack doesn’t get her jewellery but does get her a cute puppy. As for Lark, she receives a call and it turns out she’s being playing Brady this whole time. It’s Jimmy, and he happens to be Hazel’s father. To make matters worse, Mike calls Preacher and tells him that the body found in the woods has been identified as Wes Logan. When Kaia questions what’s happening, he freezes and can’t reveal the truth.

As the episode closes out, Everett shows up at Mel’s cabin and reveals that he’s definitely her father but seeing her just made his heart break all over again. He hands over a whole bunch of letters to Mel – these ones from her mum. He’s also got something important to tell her… but before we hear it we fade to black.

The Episode Review

What could Mel’s father have to tell her that’s so important? We’ll have to wait and see as we end on a big cliffhanger but we do find out some other crucial details here too. Lark has been playing Brady this whole time, while Char finally has her babies too in a shocking turn of events.

The whole episode is set up nicely for the next season to lean into and it’ll be interesting to see what the writers decide to do. Either way though, this double-bill has been a nice change of pace and actually leans into the Christmas theme too which is always a bonus!

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