Virgin River – Season 4 Episode 8 “Talk to Me” Recap & Review

Talk to Me

Episode 8 of Virgin River Season 4 starts right where we left off. Nate has agreed to do breakfast with Mel but Joey is pretty livid about the whole situation. Mel feels guilty and changes the bedding, which is her way of dealing with stress.

In the morning, Mel meets with Nate and profusely apologizes for getting involved. Nate though points out that Mel opened his eyes and has his doubts over whether Joey actually wanted to get married or was just going along with this because it’s what he wanted.

After a brief chat, Mel meets Joey who admits that he’s spoken to Nate and they’ve both agreed to get married after all. Mel is super happy, as we continue the usual trend of starting drama and resolving it within 10 minutes of the episode beginning!

Anyway, Cameron stays with Charlie off in the woods while Doc gets help. They arrive just in time as the guy goes into shock. They hurry out the woods and take him to the hospital.

Back at Hope’s, Denny heads into Doc’s room and finds a number of documents, including Vernon’s income tax report. It’s clear there’s something going on here, especially when he starts snapping pictures of the documents with his phone.

Vernon heads home and confronts Denny about the cabinet, where he admits he wanted something for his headache and used his swiss army knife to get in. “Trust is hard to build, easy to break.” Vernon tells his grandson, as Denny heads out for his hike. As he does though, Vernon heads into his room and notices one of the slips of paper left on the bed.

Brie finds out that the person who posted bail is “a female with an expensive suit and she drives an SUV.” It’s registered to someone called Melissa Montgomery as well. This seems to be enough to be enough for Mike to go on, although he’s doubling down on finding Calvin.

Over at the bar, there’s additional drama when the water starts leaking under the sink. As Preacher looks into this, he notices a knife stashed underneath. He doesn’t touch it though and immediately rings Mike, asking for his help. Mike isn’t sure if it’s connected to Jack being shot but he picks it up with a cloth and takes it away all the same, urging Preacher not to tell Jack about this until the results are in.

Denny doesn’t go for his hike but heads to the bank instead with Doc’s bank details, wanting to withdraw a lot of money. Vernon is unaware of this as Nate and Joey’s surprise wedding goes ahead.

After the ceremony, Lizzie approaches Vernon and reveals the Klonopin bottle she’s found. When she sits down, Ricky is there and he admits he messed things up with her and regrets his actions. However, they do agree to write to one another.

Meanwhile, Cameron continues to wrestle with his own feelings, given he clearly has the hots for Mel. Brady figures it out too and tells Brie as much while they’re dancing together. However, Mel is more preoccupied with Jack, who doesn’t show up and isn’t answering his phone.

The Episode Review

So what happened to Jack? My guess is we’ll find out within the first 10 minutes of the next episode and he’s probably just passed out or something from drinking. It’s clear that Jack needs to get some professional help for his issues and wallowing in self pity like this is not going to help.

The whole episode is nicely themed around Joey and Nate’s wedding though and after resolving that cliffhanger in rapid time (anyone else noticing a trend here?) the drama instead turns to Denny, who does appear to be acting suspiciously. Is he really scamming Doc? I still think there’s an extra twist here but we’ll have to wait and see.

The inclusion of that knife under the sink is another great inclusion to the story and it’ll be interesting to see what part that has to play in Jack’s attack. Regardless, things are just starting to get more intense now as the season gears up for the business end of this story.

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